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DJ Lyon Head said this \”I am the kind of Dj who doesn\’t just play your song, I actively get out there to dance with you & the crowd when applicable.\”

DJ Lyon Head is a true Party Promoter. A lot of DJ\’s today just play the songs and say a few words. Lyon Head takes it to a totally different level… His style is very reminiscent of old-school party starters, the ones that your parents can tell you more about. DJ Lyon Head is always busy entertaining crowds of people all over the World, through his social media platforms. You can also check out his Spotify Playlist, that he updates frequently. He accepts new music to add to his playlist from various artists. He loves presenting new songs to his huge audience. That\’s what makes DJ Lyon Head a top Party Promoter in his neck of the woods and beyond… 

DJ Lyon Head\’s Underground Wave Spotify Playlist

 DJ Lyon Head is currently accepting bookings for the upcoming year. Angry Kids 24-7 Radio recommends Lyon Head for any event, party or celebration. He\’s that good…

Contact Info:

Phone: 916-271-8288

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