Nijahova Presents A New Style of Hip Hop – Angry Kids 24-7 Radio

A lifetime full of songwriting, producing and engineering, Nijahova gives you his experiences. With tracks like Kilo and MVP, this Bronx born, son of Jamaican parents spent most of his childhood in Florida after his mother relocated the family in 1997…

Heavily influenced by his siblings, Nijanova used unorthodox methods to create music at the tender age of 9. While most kids his age were playing outside, Nijahova was creating music.

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Shaping his own sound, he was ready to let the world hear what was creating… At the age of 15, he found the social media site called Myspace and he didn\’t look back. Gaining a small but loyal following, Nijahova never looked back.

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For reasons unknown at this time, Nijahova took some time off but in 2017 he came back with music in his heart and he was ready to unleash it to the public. Releasing four albums in a four-month span, he\’s taking advantage of this new climate of digital streaming… With the guidance of his manager/brother CunniBdon, Nijahova is ready to take his spot in music. His style is his own, mixing hip hop, r&b, dancehall, and others Nijahova is proving to be a threat to many independent artists… Keep your ears open for Nijahova, he\’s a force that won\’t be stopped…

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