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Singer/songwriter from Carrickfergus, John Lindsay bought his first guitar in 1971 and taught himself to play. Writing songs since 1978, John Lindsay has become one of today\’s most prolific songwriters.
 Heavily influenced by the likes of Neil Young and others, John always wrote songs and enjoyed playing cover songs. Then some 40 years later in 2011, he formed a successful cover band and fronted it for a few years playing at clubs and weddings. In 2015 John decided to concentrate on songs he had written since 1978 and made his debut album entitled ‘What’s Not to Love’. 

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John found his rhythm when he decided to work with lyricist/producer Grainne McGlone in 2016. John and Grainne were unlikely collaborators with very different life experiences, backgrounds, and upbringing. They met when Grainne was organizing a Belfast music event and very soon after they struck up a successful songwriting partnership. They\’ve become a tandem that can\’t be touched right now. Touring the world to promote John\’s album, \”What\’s Not To Love\” they started to craft more songs. As they traveled, writing, perfecting and showcasing the songs they found themselves in The Cave studio, Nashville, Tennessee, where they made their first set of recordings. One of these songs ‘She Made Rainbows’ features as the bonus track on the album ‘Two’.


After spending time at Earthmusic studio, Belfast, testing and trying out various styles instruments and techniques, they were joined by the Belfast singer and guitarist Dom Martin whose guitar parts were added to two of the songs. John and Grainne then moved the recording process to Ventry Studio, Balbriggan, Ireland, where the final recordings were made. John\’s second album \’TWO\’ was born. John and Grainne have accomplished what they were setting out to produce, an eclectic blend of beautiful music with an acoustic feel. The lyrics of each song shows the depth of their songwriting capabilities…

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The name ‘Two’ was born from the exploration of relationships that can be extremely challenging involving two people that reflect authentic and dramatic life experiences. \”Two\” is quite possibly his greatest work to date. With Contemporary folk, folk rock and country, any music fan will enjoy the album. \”Two\” is considered by many as a masterpiece. This emotional roller coaster will be played for years to come.

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