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A band like Feudale, gives us hope that real Rock is still alive. The three brothers from Matawan, NJ.  Bryan, David, and Michael have been making great music from quite some time now.

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  The versatile band of brothers is influenced by great names such as Nirvana, Pink Floyd, Jimi Hendrix, The Allman Brothers and more. The \”hard-rocking, blues-inspired band, with a twist of alternative flare\” trio, started doing music as a hobby. They\’ve turned a passion for songwriting, recording, and playing live shows into a full-time gig. With songs like \”Gasoline Alley\” and \”It\’s Not Easy\”, it\’s safe to say they\’ve made the right decision, to go after the mainstream world.

 With raw, hard-hitting drums, combined with a lead guitar and bass, the brothers have found their sound. Combined with the intense vocals of the brothers, more promoters are paying attention. Bookings are becoming easier and easier, for the guys who rather play live events, than record music. It\’s not surprising because they\’re musicians at heart first. With that mentality, they\’re creating some of their best work to date… And that\’s saying a lot with the music they\’ve already released.

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  With a devoted fan following through their live shows and releasing music on digital platforms, they should be a worldwide household name within two years. Maybe sooner… Rock has gone through many periods, good and bad. Feudale is ready to usher in another good period. No different than groups like Nirvana did when a change for the better was needed. Right now, Feudale is that change. Thank goodness, they are definitely needed…

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