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  Who are these two masked women from Rotterdam? Who could easily be mistaken as superheroes, that makes incredible music? Kiki Bonanza. Coming together in 2016, the eclectic duo has quickly made a name of themselves.

  This match made in heaven is \”Obsessed with creating Loco beats\” and you can hear it their sound. They have a broad taste in music that leads to a lot of experimenting with drums and other technical sounds. They call it \”Rotterdam south side roughness meets Caribbic Arubian delight\”.

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  Kiki Bonanza is also praised for their lyrics and subject matter. Writing in four different languages the duo finds new ways to push the envelope. Their song ‘We bring It’ is a perfect example of what they actually bring to the table. The upbeat, club banger is creating waves around the World. Being picked up by playlist curators daily, more and more people are asking about Kiki Bonanza. Another track that\’s catching people\’s attention is \”Zuid\”. Both songs would be great to see performed live.

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 Wanting their faces not to be seen helps add to the mystique of the Superhero tandem. Which helps their live performances stand out above the rest. Bookings are growing by the week for Kiki Bonanza. Developing a great fanbase through their music and live shows. Which means packed venues for promoters. Choosing to be different is clearly working for Rotterdam\’s masked duo. With new music being released on streaming services every hour, it\’s a fair bet other\’s will be following their lead.

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