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  Canada is a country that was never on the radar for Hip Hop heads. Even after the emergence of it\’s biggest Hip Hop star Drake, Canada is still fighting for its respect in the Hip Hop world. One artist who\’s decided to take on the challenge of gaining massive respect for it\’s Hip Hop scene is Street Logic.

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   The \”culturally influential Hip Hop Artist\”, is known for representing the sound of his community and generation. Street Logic is making a name for himself outside of Canada these days, with his unique production style and lyrics. The artist/producer/performer from Edmonton, Canada is releasing new music every month. He feels in order to keep up with today\’s climate, dropping more frequently will help his brand continue to grow.

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  Street Logic overcame many obstacles to get where he\’s at now. His work ethic is possibly his greatest asset. Being able to stand out in a market that\’s filled with parody, is another great asset for Street Logic. He\’s been able to grab the attention of many Hip Hop heads and artists. Street Logic is lining up potential collabs with independent and mainstream artists. Being a self-contained artist has given him the type of freedom that most artists dream of. This freedom has allowed him to enter doors that has only lead to more opportunities.

  What\’s next for Street Logic? More music and more performances. When it\’s all said and done, Street Logic want\’s his catalog to be compared to the other Canadian Hip Hop superstar. With his passion for music leading the way, Street Logic will be there in no time.

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