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  Coming from a heavily religious background it\’s not surprising that J-Diggs got his start in the church choir. The Fort Worth, TX native has proven to many other independent artists, that a little luck and faith can go along way. 

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  His path towards hip hop started out as a hobby. J-Diggs made a name for himself freestyling at local house parties. It wasn\’t until his friend introduced him to studio life, that he decided to take music seriously. The comparisons to legends like Ice Cube and E40 started coming from all sides. With all the attention coming his way the Fort Worth spitter decided it was time to create his own sound and legacy.

  Coming strong with release after release, has proven to be a great plan for J-Diggs. But it was his 2017 album \”Detour\” that has helped put him on the map. His music is gaining steam on all digital platforms including Pandora. With songs like \”Man In The Mirror\” and \”Hangin\”(Remix)\”, J-Diggs has found a loyal fan base. For a choir singer who just wanted to be heard, he\’s come along way.

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   Today, J-Diggs and his team have been focused on live performances. It\’s a new avenue that he\’s set to conquer for years to come. Feeling like nothing can stand in his way, J-Diggs wants the World to know that your favorite rapper can come from Fort Worth, Tx. All it takes is one track and he guarantees you\’ll be hooked. With a sound like his, J-Diggs will be a force for years to come.

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