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  2020 feels like it has taken control of everything. Time to take it back with Super Trainer Autumn Calabrese’s newest program, 9 Week Control Freak! Autumn designed this program as three, 3-week phases that will increase in intensity and exercise difficulty.

You’ll commit to five days of exercise per week with workouts ranging from just 18 to 30 minutes. On workout days, you\’ll also do Controlled Stretch sessions using stretching, breathing exercises, and other restorative techniques that will help prepare you for better sleep and recovery overnight.

You’ll need a few key pieces of equipment to do the variety of 9 Week Control Freak workouts including the Control Track with B-LINES Resistance Band, Fitness Step, Core Ball, and dumbbells. 9 Week Control Freak is a comprehensive approach to taking control of the things that truly dictate the quality of your life, like strength, stamina, nutrition, and even sleep. It’s time to take control!

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The FREE 14-Day Results Plan LOSE up to 9 lbs. in 14 days.† Start right now – for FREE! Losing weight shouldn\’t be complicated After all, Beachbody\’s battle-tested programs have been helping millions of people get in shape for nearly 20 years. Our approach is so simple, we\’ll prove it can work for you in only 14 days. For FREE. Start Today for FREE It literally takes minutes and costs nothing today. Longer-term plans also available.

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