How To Flirt Effectively While Being Respectful.

Men and women flirt in different ways, for different motives, and with different expectations. However, if you ignore the result and flirt simply to be polite, you can open yourself up to new possibilities. You might find a new lover, but if that doesn’t work out, you might meet someone who becomes a good friend, and you never know who she might introduce you to. Maintain a flexible mindset.


Give her a drink after you’ve shared looks and smiles around a room and you’re pretty certain she feels she’d like to hear more about you. But keep in mind that what you’re getting is a drink. Don’t expect her to come crashing down at your feet. It’s often enough to simply give someone a drink, watch as she accepts it and smiles, then look away, returning later to show your interest.

If you’re invited to her table, focus on the talk rather than on landing a date with her. Long before they go out with someone, most women want to know what kind of person they’re going out with. Before you go on a date, make an effort to get to know her and give her the opportunity to get to know you.

Never approach two women in the same party at the same time. No woman desires to be second best. Avoid addressing people in the same party one after the other. You tend to be a loser, and women can believe you are desperate for a port in a storm. And if you are, keep it hidden.

Make certain that every compliment you give to a woman is real. Nothing is more annoying than someone who uses a lot of exaggerated language. Everyone has something positive about them; take note of it and sincerely praise them.

Never place your hands on a woman without her permission. Some women are unconcerned with ‘touchy feely’ experiences, while others are appalled. Respect the person before you have had the chance to learn more about her. Touching can be a lovely flirty gesture, but it should be limited to the arms or resting the hand just above the arms before you learn more. By moving closer, watching the reactions, and then moving back a little to eliminate the hazard, you can measure the personal room.

Always be respectful of yourself. Women are often drawn to men who are only a little bit out of control. Avoid hovering, groveling, or acting desperate. Consider yourself special, and know that you are worthy of nothing but the best.

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