How To Set Goals Using These Five Steps.

What do you intend to accomplish during your lifetime?

As author Basil S. Walth once put it, “How do you hope to arrive if you don’t know where you’re going?” These are wise words because if you’re pursuing full-time freelancing or selling your novels, you need a road map.

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Objectives are necessary. They provide guidance, long-term vision, and inspiration in the short term. They discern the critical from the trivial. Goals also help you develop self-confidence by allowing you to mature as a person.

Olympic champions, corporate leaders, and (hint…) bestselling authors are all goal setters. You, too, strive for perfection, don’t you? If you do, and you haven’t started setting goals yet, now is the ideal time to begin.


Five Points to Keep in Mind When Creating Goals:


1. Make a list of your goals


Often jot down your goals—this is extremely successful. Physically seeing the goals aids in crystallizing them in your head. Additionally, this method allows you to commit to them more thoroughly.


Interesting Fact: According to a popular Harvard Business School survey, just 3% of the population writes down their goals. Another 14% have goals but do not write them down, and 83% have no clearly identified goals at all. What’s more remarkable is that this 3% won ten times as much as the 83 percent category!


2. Keep Goals Simple, Achievable, and Measurable


Establish measurable, attainable short-term objectives. This entails establishing quantifiable objectives.


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The following are some examples:


– Make a weekly commitment to write a certain number of words.

– Submit a minimum of two papers per week

– Each week, find two new markets

– Enroll in at least one writing class a year

– Attend a minimum of one writer’s conference per annum


Make the goals attainable in order to avoid being discouraged. While the above-mentioned short-term objectives are attainable for me, they might not be for you. Or perhaps my short-term objectives are not sufficiently daunting for you.


Goals are highly personal. You must establish your own objectives… Keep in mind that you are charting your own path to success!


On the other side, avoid setting petty targets out of fear of failure. Coach Yourself to Success (McGraw-Hill/Contemporary Books, 2002) author Talane Miedaner observes: “Individuals sometimes set ‘tiny’ targets for themselves—they play it safe in order to avoid failure… However, the larger the target, the more likely it is to be accomplished.”


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3. Create Deadlines


Without deadlines, the targets are nothing more than illusions. Establish deadlines for both short- and long-term objectives, and I guarantee you’ll arrive sooner!


Bear in mind that deadlines are negotiable. Life shifts and goals do as well. Never be afraid to alter the timeline for achieving an objective. What counts is to move forward.


4. Remind yourself of your goals daily!


Visual aids are an important form of brain programming.


Two very successful visual aids are reading and re-writing targets. By physically rewriting your goals and pasting them in locations you visit on a daily basis, you can help them become more tangible in your head.


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I was inspired by an article in Shape magazine. Before Sarah Ban Breathnach, author of the New York Times bestselling book & Oprah Pick Easy Abundance: A Daybook of Warmth and Joy (Warner Books, 1995), became a bestselling author, she pasted her name on the New York Times bestseller list and posted it on her monitor. Visual Aids such as these provide you with the additional ammunition necessary to make a difference.


5. Create a Schedule for Target Setting


Each morning, begin with a “To Do” list. This will assist you in planning and handling your time more effectively. Additionally, your goals will be right in front of you every day. Do not get frustrated if any tasks remain unfinished. Simply add them to the next morning’s list.

As previously said, keep your objectives front and center in your mind. Bear in mind that you only get one shot at living your dreams!

Cecil B. De Mille once said: “The person who succeeds in life is the one who sees his purpose clearly and relentlessly pursues it. That is loyalty.”

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