Man Williamz Is Becoming A Star Right Before Our Eyes

MAN Williamz is a rising independent hip-hop/rap artist with a distinctive new voice and style geared for the Black LGBTQ+ community. As a former dancer and choreographer, Williamz aspires to visually convey himself and his experiences through artistic music videos and heartbreakingly intimate songs that connect spiritually with queer people.

His debut track, “MAKEUP,” was released in February 2021 and has already over 100,000 views on YouTube, a promising start for an incredibly brave and original artist.


Check Out “MakeUp” The Official Music Video


Man’s music retains a political component while remaining accessible to the masses. He has been outspoken in his desire to empower young, LGBTQ+ artists of color. According to him, “you never know who might be inspired,” which is what pushes him to continue going forward. Williamz is committed to ensuring queer and POC creatives receive the attention and platform they need to tell their story. Williamz is not ashamed of his homosexuality. His music, dance, and very being are acts of activism.

The Black LGBTQ+ movement has just lately gained traction. Despite the fact that the music industry has produced countless gay black icons throughout history, their queerness has been brushed aside and completely ignored. It is past time for black artists to embrace sexual variety as an integral aspect of their identity. That is what Williamz’s art aims to accomplish. He has accepted his sexuality and made it the centerpiece of his rap music. Gayness is a significant aspect in his lyrics, dancing, and tone of his music videos.


Man Williamz, who hails from the South Side of Chicago, aspires to go global. The 2020s will undoubtedly witness the blossoming of this devoted musician into a global sensation. It’s amazing to watch Williamz bravely begin on this new adventure. This is merely the start of a new chapter.


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