Young Wag Is The Blue Collar Trap Music King

Young Wag, a native of East Texas, is carving out a niche for himself in the indie hip hop scene. Not just in Texas, but throughout the World. Young Wag, grandson of the iconic DJ/radio personality Big Daddy Griff, realized at a very young age that music would be his primary love, life, and adventure in the future.

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Following in the footsteps of a pioneer is not an easy undertaking, but Wag was up to the effort. With his music reaching corners of the world he’s never been to, he’s on a mission to get on the road and perform in front of live fans who know his songs by heart. Consuming their energy onstage motivates him to improve with each song and live performance.

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Young Wag provides us a glimpse into his universe with tracks like “Trust” and “Fast As I Can,” using incredible musical canvasses to paint his lyrical imagery. Along with beautiful visuals to accompany each song, he makes his point. What distinguishes Young Wag is his willingness to take risks with his music. This is clear on tracks like “Deep South,” which epitomizes Young Wag’s unique sound, which he has dubbed “Blue Collar Trap Music.”


With the support of Texas and the rest of the South, Young Wag is prepared to demonstrate that Blue Collar Trap Music is here to stay. What’s next for the native Texan? Interviews, tour dates, and other music he is currently working on. His ultimate objective is to travel beyond the United States and meet the new followers he’s gaining from all over the world. With his track record, Young Wag should have no difficulty securing engagements to accommodate those international admirers. Finally, Blue Collar Trap Music has arrived, and Young Wag is unquestionably the King.


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