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Upland, a virtual property trading game

What Is Upland?

Upland is a blockchain-based game in which participants can purchase, sell, and trade mapped-to-the-real-world virtual properties. Users can create properties and earn UPX coins by becoming “digital landowners.” The concept makes use of blockchain technology to connect each property on the Upland platform to an NFT.


Metaverse Properties offers land in prime Upland locations for individuals, organizations, and institutions ranging from conference and commercial venues to art galleries, family homes, and hangout areas.


Unlike many traditional games, Upland attempts to empower users to own their own properties in the virtual world. It embraces the concept of “playing to earn,” in which users may sell their holdings and earn real money.


Join forces with other Uplanders to create one of the largest communities and digital markets on the planet. Be the True Owner of your Blockchain-enabled digital assets.


Are Upland properties NFTs?

Yes. Each property in Upland represents an NFT that is linked to an EOS account.

What are NFTs?

NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, are blockchain-based fragments of cryptographic tokens. They are utilized in a virtual capacity for real-world commodities like as artwork, music, and even real estate. Unlike bitcoins, NFTs are not tradable or exchangeable due to their non-identical nature.

Consider baseball cards or a collection of rare coins. NFTs establish scarcity among otherwise infinitely available assets. Typically, they are used to purchase and sell digital commodities such as tweets, artwork, game skins, and virtual real estate.


NFTs had a banner year in 2021, with sales reaching $2.5 billion in the first half of the year. There are two methods to profit from NFT. The first is to sell your original content as NFT.


What is the Future of NFTs?

Any blockchain experiment’s future is unknown. However, analysts expect that NFTs will continue to spread beyond the realms of art and gaming, particularly if affluent investors continue to invest.

Additionally, the growth of NFT can be ascribed to its features, which include the ability to represent proof of ownership, give social status, grant exclusive access, manage to license, and certify authenticity. It enables you to own your products in the same way that Bitcoin enables you to act as your own banker.


What crypto is used in Upland?


Upland’s concept is based on the ideas of a free, open market economy, and the company makes use of the EOS blockchain to assure actual ownership of all assets. Once you acquire a property in the metaverse, it becomes yours in perpetuity. Each property in the metaverse earns a 17 percent annual UPX dividend.


Is it possible to earn real money on Upland?

Yes. You can sell real estate in both UPX and USD. Each property in Upland generates an annual revenue stream. At the moment, the annual yield is 14.7 percent.


Is Upland free?

Yes. Upland is available as a mobile app and at on the PC. It’s completely free to sign up and even more so to play if you’re okay with developing your net worth at a slower pace. Those interested in diving in will almost certainly want to spend some money to get started.


Check out this video below for Tips and Tricks on how to be successful in Upland.


PWX Presents November Knockout

Main Event:

PWX Television Championship Match

Sinborn w/Lilith defends his Championship against Chief Thunderbear

New PWX Champion The Regent Joshua Kavod addresses the PWX Lockerroom.


Horsepower, the Fight Society representative, has promised two surprises that will strengthen the Fight Society.

Arawn Conners and Gus The Gardener, the new PWX Tag Team Champions, square off against their respective mentors Sugar Steve Flash and Bud Cassidy.

Induction Ceremony For The 2021 PWX Circle Of Respect Inductee:

Voice Of Pro Wrestling Hank Hudson


Dishonor is seeking answers following their snub of the PWX Tag Team Championship opportunity.

L’Artist Jru reportedly wants another shot at Superior G’s Cash App challenge.


How will Am-Po react after coming dangerously close to being injured by his former partner RK Sawyer?

And More.

For Tickets:


Timeless Traxx With Tyrone DuBose Is Coming To Angry Kids 24-7 Radio

Coming to Angry Kids 24-7 Radio


Timeless Traxx w/ Tyrone DuBose

Borrow $300-$2,000. Pay over 6-12 months. Get Started

If you enjoy “Old School” music, you’ll enjoy Timeless Traxx, hosted by Tyrone DuBose, The R&B Historian. A 60-minute weekly syndicated program in which the top 30 R&B songs in America over the last six decades are counted down. Timeless Traxx is broadcast weekly in over 100 American cities, including Las Vegas Nevada, Atlanta Georgia, Phoenix Arizona, and Tampa Florida, as well as international radio stations in the United Kingdom, Spain, Stockholm, Sweden, and Rome, Italy.


Tyrone DuBose is an R&B historian and a contributor to the award-winning television show “Unsung,” which chronicles the lives of R&B singers and groups. UNSUNG is an acclaimed award-winning series of one-hour bios that honors the lives and careers of prominent artists or groups who have gone unnoticed or underappreciated throughout the years. Kashif, Howard Hewitt, CeCe Peniston, Martha Wash, The Manhattans, The Chi-Lites, Hi-Five, and M’Lisa Morgan are among her television credits.

The R&B Historian was recently selected as one of the Associate Producers of Sheryl Underwood Radio, which is nationally syndicated. Sheryl Underwood Radio may be heard here on Angry Kids 24-7 Radio, Monday through Friday afternoon at 1:00 PM EST.


Listen to Timeless Traxx with Tyrone DuBose on Angry Kids 24-7 Radio on Monday evenings at 8:00 p.m.



Pro Wrestling Express McKeesport Havoc Results

“McKeesport HAVOC”

REFEREES: Eric Johnson, Silas Wahrenberger, J. Hutchie (senior official)
P.W.X. C.E.O.: Stephon Devereux
GUEST HOST: Captain D. Capitate (Please don’t call him “Captain Crunch”, LOL!!!)

SHOW OPENING: P.W.X. heavyweight champion “Hate In The Flesh” O’Riley Chambers would emerge from a closed smoke-emitting casket in the center of the ring to the joyous welcome of his fellow “Plague Of Corvus” members: Lilith, Sinborn, Shadow The Clown, and R.K. Sawyer!
(1) THE 13-MAN P.W.X. MONSTER BASH BATTLE ROYALE was won by “The Crazy Hillbilly” Bud Cassidy in 12:01!!! Derek Wayne commandeered the house mic from guest host Captain D. Capitate and proceeded to demand that C.E.O. Stephon Devereux officially add him to the roster of P.W.X. wrestlers!!! Devereux would relegate him to the dreaded #1 entry slot in the Monster Bash and next told him that he had to emerge victorious to be granted his wish!!! “The Ram” Anthony Drake was the second entrant who promptly dumped Wayne out over the top rope within seconds!!! Manic of the tag-team “Dishonor” declined participation in this event, but he would meddle briefly by eliminating his partner Lestat so that he could not win!!! Bud Cassidy would go into hiding under the ring not long after his entry and, when it was eventually thought that Gus The Gardener had won the melee, “The Crazy Hillbilly” would reemerge to blindside and oust him for the duke!!!

#1: Derek Wayne
#2: “The Ram” Anthony Drake
#3: “The Dark Angel” Ryan James
#4: R.K. Sawyer
#5: “The Kaiju Of The Squared Circle” Am-Po
#6: “Vintage” J-Ru
#7: Gus The Gardener
#8: Arawn Conners
#9: “The Unorthodox” Lestat
#10: Superior G
#11: P.W.X. TV champion SinBorn
#12: Bud Cassidy (eventual winner)
#13: Noah Idol
*****P.W.X. television commentator Joey Reckless attempted to interview “Angel Gate Wrestling” C.E.O. Jazmine in the ring and, no sooner had she announced her belief of being rid of Kenzie’s harassment, another antagonist soon filled the void in the person of Nikki Nickels!!! After those two hellcats had finally concluded trading barbs, the leader of “Fight Society” Horsepower then announced without any specifics that there would be a few surprises on the upcoming November 20th live event!!!*****
(2) “SHOWTIME CHAMPIONSHIP WRESTLING ALLIANCE” TAG-TEAM TITLE MATCH: S.C.W.A. champions “Pure Ignorance” (Prince Mackaveli/”The Don” Chaz Evans) (with Noah Idol) defeated Gus The Gardener/”The Crazy Hillbilly” Bud Cassidy (Evans pinned Cassidy) in 9:46 to retain their title!!! Gus eventually would refuse a tag from Cassidy and walked out on his abusive partner!!! Evans clamped a rear double chicken wing on Bud and, with some extra impetus added by a big Mackaveli clothesline clout, back-suplexed the Hillbilly onto his head to cop the title-retaining cover!!!
(3) “THE SUPERIOR G $200 CASH APP CHALLENGE” WITH THE LOOT TO BE AWARDED FOR A DEFEAT OF “G” WITHIN TEN MINUTES: Superior G pinned “Vintage” J-Ru in 6:20 so no cash app withdrawal would be necessary!!! Superior G shielded ref Hutchie to nail J-Ru with a single-leg low mule kick and followed up with a thrust-superkick to score the money-saving three-count!!!

Kinguin Best Deals

(4) “VENGEANCE MATCH” BETWEEN TWO FORMER P.W.X. TAG-TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP PARTNERS: “The Kaiju Of The Squared Circle” Am-Po defeated R.K. Sawyer (with Sinborn and Queen Lilith) (representing “Plague Of Corvus”), DISQUALIFICATION in 11:28!!! Prior to the opening bell, the distraction of Sawyer’s stablemates enabled him to blindside Am-Po and embark on a match-long brutal offensive on his foe’s lower body!!! Sawyer eventually applied a lengthy “Cloverleaf” hold but, when Am-Po finally was able to reach the ropes, he refused to relinquish the grip to get himself disqualified!!!
(5) SPECIAL “NO TIME-LIMIT” RETURN MATCH DIRECT FROM “COMBAT ZONE WRESTLING”: “Miami” Mike Walker pinned Rayo in 13:09!!! As Rayo temporarily lost focus while baiting the crowd from atop a turnbuckle, Walker suddenly executed a “superplex” of the Peruvian down from his perch and then planted him via an “overdrive” maneuver for the victory pin!!!
*****During intermission Gus The Gardener and Angel Gate C.E.O. Jazmine hosted the P.W.X. McKeesport Havoc Halloween Costume Party!!!*****
(6) “DOG COLLAR MATCH” (EACH MAN JOINED AT THE NECK BY ONE END OF A 17-FOOT LONG HEAVY STEEL CHAIN) FOR A SHOT AT THE P.W.X. TELEVISION TITLE ON NOVEMBER 20TH: Chief ThunderBear defeated “The Demonic Jester” Shadow The Clown (with “The Mother Of All Demons” Queen Lilith and representing “Plague Of Corvus”), FIRST TO DRAG HIS FOE AROUND THE INSIDE PERIMETER OF THE RING TOUCHING ALL FOUR TOP TURNBUCKLE PADS IN SUCCESSION in 9:57 to earn the future TV title shot!!! ThunderBear applied his Indian sleeper hold and touched the first three corners with his captive foe in tow also discreetly tapping the pads behind him!!! As they were approaching the final turnbuckle the effects of sleeper finally caught up with a collapsing Shadow just as he tried to lunge past the Chief who continued onward for the duke!!! Afterward TV titleholder SinBorn would bash his future challenger with his championship belt!!!


(7) P.W.X. TELEVISION CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH: Champion “The King Of Deadman’s Hollow” SinBorn (with Queen Lilith and representing “Plague Of Corvus”) pinned “The Metal Assassin” Slice in 8:01 to retain his title!!! The sneaky Lilith jabbed ref Wahrenberger in his backside with her staff to distract the angry official long enough for SinBorn to spear Slice’s skull with his own walking stick to steal the title-retaining three-count!!!
(😎 “TRIPLE-THREAT MATCH” FOR THE P.W.X. TAG-TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP: Arawn Conners/Gus The Gardener defeated “Dishonor” – (Manic/”The Unorthodox” Lestat) and champions “The Pop Culture Sensations” – (“Sugar” Steve Flash/”The Man With All The Belts” Captain Bender) (Conners pinned Bender) in 10:56 to win the title!!! Originally scheduled as just P.C.S. versus “Dishonor”, Conners took the house mic following the intros and successfully pleaded his case with C.E.O. Devereux to finally get his shot at the tag-team belts he had earned several months back and had never received!!! Eventually, the brewing dissension in the “Dishonor” duo came to a head and, in the ensuing chaos as they battled among themselves, Connors hit with the swinging neck breaker on Bender for the title-changing count of three!!!
(9) “CASKET MATCH” FOR THE P.W.X. HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP: “The Regent” Joshua Kovad defeated champion “Hate In The Flesh” O’Riley Chambers (with “The Mother Of All Demons” Queen Lilith and representing “Plague Of Corvus”), FIRST TO MANEUVER HIS FOE INSIDE THE CASKET AND COMPLETELY CLOSE THE LID OVER HIM in 23:49 to win the title!!! At the start, Lilith ordered a trio of masked, hoodie-wearing “demons” to attack Kovad, but the already fired-up Regent easily drove them from the ring!!! From there the battle would carry throughout the building and even into the souvenir tables area resulting eventually in several broken tables!!!
The turning point would occur when Kovad would toss an upright chair at Chambers and then thrust-superkick it into his face!!! Kovad next peppered Chambers head with the contents of a staple gun and pounded him with a chain wound around his fist along with strangling him with the links for a length of time!!! After warding off a last-ditch attempt by R.K. Sawyer for a save, Kovad then brutally and unmercifully pounded the top of Chambers’ skull with a kendo stick for what seemed to be an eternity!!! Kovad finally nailed the staggering Chambers with a thrust-superkick to send him tumbling through the ropes right into the open casket to have the lid immediately shut over him in defeat!!!

First time buyer SPECIAL - Free Shipping + Free Gifts

*****Saturday, November 20, 2021, P.W.X. “November Knockout”, 7:00 PM Belltime
For Info:

Nexgard Chewable Dogs

The Classic Chart Rundown Comes To Angry Kids 24-7 Radio

Coming to Angry Kids 24-7 Radio… The Classic Chart Rundown Hosted By Dave Marley.

When it comes to music, Dave’s life is literally dictated by it. He is located in the United Kingdom and has been DJing since the early 1980s, but it was not until the mid-1990s that he developed an interest in radio presenting. His admiration, respect, and comprehension for all genres of fine music, from the vintage 1950s to the indie-pop and dance music of the ’90s and ’00s



He grew up in West London, listening to the radio from the age of three or four, and began collecting vinyl at the tender age of approximately five in the early ’70s, saving his pocket money to purchase 45’s as frequently as possible. He is still an obsessive collector of vinyl 50 years later.

Dave was a lifelong admirer of the late great Alan “Fluff” Freeman and his long-running “Pick of the Pop” show. Dave’s dream as a child was to host his own version of a vintage chart countdown radio show.



He is overjoyed to inform you that he is now the host of his own popular classic chart show. It was thus that “The Classic Chart Rundown” was formed. His high-energy presentation spans four decades of music from the official UK Top 40 Chart, beginning in 1957 and ending in 1989. He does intend to bring the show into the decade of the 1990s in the near future.

You can listen to The Classic Chart Rundown here on Angry Kids 24-7 Radio, Sundays at 6:00 pm EST, and Mondays – Thursdays at 11:00 am EST.

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What Really Happened to Arawn Conners?

Borrow $300-$2,000. Pay over 6-12 months. Get Started

By: Courtney Wood

July 31st, 2021, will undoubtedly go down in history as one of the most significant nights in Pro Wrestling Express‘s history. From start to finish, spectators were treated to thrilling and entertaining action and went home with a sense of anticipation for the future. Despite the evening’s several achievements, there is one glaring dark spot: the unanswered mystery of why Arawn Conners were unable to fight for the tag team championships. Given his well-documented history of loyalty, determination, and resiliency, it’s difficult to picture him missing a match without reason.

I conducted an investigation into this extremely severe situation and learned that Arawn Conners was viciously attacked directly behind the PWX Community Center, while the Collective was competing against ‘Black Privilege.’ Unfortunately, no one has stated what happened to the Rockstar, although many suspect the person responsible was Captain Bender, the man with the most to gain. As if this was not shocking enough, they suspect that ‘Sugar’ Steve Flash was involved in the attack from the outset.


Captain Bender and ‘Sugar’ Steve Flash have been tag team teammates for years, jointly dubbed ‘The Pop Culture Sensations,’ so their partnership is natural. What folks may be astonished to learn is that their previous manager Nikki Nichols was spotted earlier that morning talking with PWX CEO Stephon Devereux.

This revelation appeared to be a tad too opportune to be coincidental. Nichols was simply there on the day Captain Bender was forced into an impromptu championship match? And simply happened to encounter the sole individual with the authority to sanction a title match at PWX? All indications pointed to conspiracy in order to win the tag team championships.

While these are simply hearsay at the moment, in light of the evening’s undeniable occurrences, these charges may not be so far-fetched. Apart from the improbable coincidences stated previously, there is the fact that in his first tag team bout of the night, against Fight Society, ‘Sugar’ Steve delivered kicks to his already neutralized opponent, Pav Novak, as Arawn Conners won the match. On the surface, this unnecessary act of aggression appeared to be out of character for ‘Sugar’ Steve, but was it a hint that he was altering his business practices?

Was this the harbinger of a new ‘win at all costs’ mentality? Furthermore, were the words emblazoned across Bender’s shirt, ‘All the Belts,’ an inspirational motto for one to strive to be their best, or were they a warning from someone who will do anything to claim to be a champion? I’ll leave it up to you to form your own conclusions.

About Pro Wrestling Express:

Jim Miller and Sean “Shocker” Evans founded Pro Wrestling eXpress in 1994. The PWX Academy, with B.A. Briggs and Jimmy Valiant as head trainers was later opened at the Eastland Mall. The inaugural events took place between October and November 1995. B.A. Briggs, the first PWX Heavyweight Champion, won the title in a tournament held in North Versailles, Pennsylvania on October 21, 1995.

Since then, Pro Wrestling eXpress has been the dominant force in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area for pro wrestling instruction. WWE Hall Of Famer Kurt Angle, WWE Superstar Cory Graves, and a slew of others began their careers with Pro Wrestling eXpress. Are you interested in pursuing a career as a professional wrestler? Please contact us.


For businesses looking to expand your reach:

What we can do for you is give a platform for your brand to be promoted. Pro Wrestling Express provides Advertisers with numerous ways to reach a diverse audience. Pro Wrestling Express can market your business creatively and affordably via Social Media, Television, Live Events, and Internet Radio. Such include endorsements of professional wrestlers via 30-second advertisements, pre-rolls, and mid-rolls, contests and giveaways at live events, banner advertising at live event venues, and guest interviews… Please see our Facebook Page and a clip from one of our television shows below.

Contact Info:


Watch Pro Wrestling Express on The PWX TV Network:


Stephon Devereux Is Ready To Challenge Pro Wrestling Fans

When The Devereux Committee of Pro Wrestling aired on PCTV 21 in 1998, it was Pittsburgh’s first wrestling talk show. The Devereux Committee was hosted by Stephon Devereux and Angela Conte, with Killer and G-Stock serving as their “Security.” The show included matches from across the country and was broadcast worldwide. The Devereux Committee was originally televised for six seasons before launching as one of the earliest podcasts on Blogtalk Radio.

Subscribe To The Stephon Devereux Show On Youtube


Stephon Devereux pursued music and other endeavors until returning to professional wrestling in 2007 and joining Undisputed Championship Wrestling outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Stephon Devereux took a break from the sport following a successful five-year tenure with UCW and focused on solo music ventures. This time, he kept his toe in the water, knowing that he would return to produce special occasions. Stephon Devereux was also welcomed into the Hall Of Heroes of the Undisputed Championship Wrestling. A feat he never imagined.

Sonos Beam

Stephon reconnected with radio in 2017 and joined the Idiot Radio Network. To no one’s astonishment, he resurrected the Devereux Committee. Stephon Devereux continued to release music and started The Stephon Devereux Show for Angry Kids 24-7 Radio after leaving Idiot Radio a year later.

Stephon Devereux is now allowed to express his strong opinions on matters other than professional wrestling via this new platform. With music and professional wrestling continuing to play a significant role in the program. Which was perfect timing given Stephon Devereux’s decision to return to professional wrestling. He was named CEO of Pro Wrestling Express in Pittsburgh. A corporation with a proud 27-year history of professional wrestling in the area. His viewpoint on business is widely known and appreciated. Additionally, he has his detractors. Only time will reveal who is proven correct. In the meanwhile, tune in to The Stephon Devereux Show on Angry Kids 24-7 Radio Monday through Thursday at 9:00 pm EST.

Free Shipping on all orders over $75!

For Info:

Listen To The Stephon Devereux Show On Spotify And Angry Kids 24-7 Radio

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