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Tiger Verb Is Putting Canton On His Back

From conquering all odds and making incredible hip hop tunes to becoming a fast-rising music business sensation. Tiger Verb, a prolific hip-hop artist, is poised to win the hearts of hundreds of millions of fans and music enthusiasts worldwide.

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Tiger Verb aspires to be a household celebrity with his seamless delivery of incredible hip-hop dexterity and punch lines that never fail to melt the hearts of his listeners globally. The Canton, Ohio-based hip hop outfit, which draws inspiration from superstars such as Rakim, the WuTang clan, and Gangstarr, is certain to deliver the heat without a doubt.


Tiger Verb has demonstrated that he is here to stay, particularly through significant partnerships and professional ties such as Hi-Tech and Moods Jason. He has appeared on 4th disciple’s single poison for-profit (PFP) as well as silent stepchild’s “the silent chronicles vol 1.” His solo project “Tiger style” will be released in 2021 and will be available on all digital platforms. Tiger cat pours so much emotion into his music, and it is constantly evident in his work.



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The World Is Smiling For Smile David

Smile David is distinct from everyone else! A Nigerian gospel performer with a distinct style and a voice that transports you to heaven. His aim is to use music to communicate the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the globe.


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A composer and educator. Officially began writing in January 2019 and has since written over 1000 words and is still writing. On April 5, 2020, he released his debut song, “I Love You Jesus,” and on April 30, 2021, he released his second, “Ekele Oma.” Be the first to hear these wonderful songs written in a variety of genres just for you.


Songwriter, gospel artist, educator, and father of many talents. The CEO of Smicyda Links, the Director of the Care Providers’ Klub (CPK), and the Chairman of Smile Farm, in collaboration with Newwell for Artist Kenya. Smile David is a fascinating person.


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Creamzy The Artist With The Heart Of Lion

Creamzy was born Olaferanmi Ismaila Olatunji on April 19th. He is a performer, songwriter, and artist. He is from Ogun state (Ijebu-ode Local Government Area) but was born and reared in Lagos, Nigeria. His passion for music began from birth, but the Afrobeats superstar “Wizkid” inspired him to pursue it professionally.


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He began recording his first studio album with his former duo in 2015, when he met Jaaybeat, a music producer from Edo state, Nigeria. Creamzy is a student at the elite “Federal Polytechnic Auchi” pursuing a Higher National Diploma in Power Option Elect/Elect Engineering.

He was formerly an intern (2019) with the prominent Schlumberger oil service business, at one of their facilities in Port Harcourt, Nigeria, where he worked on one of the company’s several product lines known as “Wireline.” Creamzy is an artist who speaks directly to your soul and feet; vibe with him.



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J.v. Is Telling You To Get On Ya Grind

J.V. is a rapper, singer, and songwriter from North St. Louis, Missouri. He was born on March 4, 1988. As a child growing up in an atmosphere rife with acts of violence, he embraced music as a means of escape.


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Unlike many other musicians, he endeavored to deviate from expectations by attempting to better establish himself as an artist, rather than a rapper or a singer; this allowed his music to stand out.

With a will to achieve and the support of his exceptional management team and label (Elevated Thought Entertainment), he aspires to realize his dream of winning his award, reading his acceptance speech, and walking away with a new title (GRAMMY AWARD-WINNING).



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Man Williamz Is Becoming A Star Right Before Our Eyes

MAN Williamz is a rising independent hip-hop/rap artist with a distinctive new voice and style geared for the Black LGBTQ+ community. As a former dancer and choreographer, Williamz aspires to visually convey himself and his experiences through artistic music videos and heartbreakingly intimate songs that connect spiritually with queer people.

His debut track, “MAKEUP,” was released in February 2021 and has already over 100,000 views on YouTube, a promising start for an incredibly brave and original artist.


Check Out “MakeUp” The Official Music Video


Man’s music retains a political component while remaining accessible to the masses. He has been outspoken in his desire to empower young, LGBTQ+ artists of color. According to him, “you never know who might be inspired,” which is what pushes him to continue going forward. Williamz is committed to ensuring queer and POC creatives receive the attention and platform they need to tell their story. Williamz is not ashamed of his homosexuality. His music, dance, and very being are acts of activism.

The Black LGBTQ+ movement has just lately gained traction. Despite the fact that the music industry has produced countless gay black icons throughout history, their queerness has been brushed aside and completely ignored. It is past time for black artists to embrace sexual variety as an integral aspect of their identity. That is what Williamz’s art aims to accomplish. He has accepted his sexuality and made it the centerpiece of his rap music. Gayness is a significant aspect in his lyrics, dancing, and tone of his music videos.


Man Williamz, who hails from the South Side of Chicago, aspires to go global. The 2020s will undoubtedly witness the blossoming of this devoted musician into a global sensation. It’s amazing to watch Williamz bravely begin on this new adventure. This is merely the start of a new chapter.


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Dooney253 Broke The Code And Took Over

Dooney253 is a Pacific Northwest-based young American artist, rapper, singer, songwriter, actor, and activist. Dooney253 has garnered substantial popularity and success in the Northwest, releasing a new song every other month, complete with hyped-up visuals, and is now poised to take over the scene.



The gifted artist is rapidly gaining recognition for his unmatched voice and flair. Dooney’s music is inspired by his life experiences and relationships and aims to encourage younger generations worldwide.


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Dooney’s goal with his sound is to push the envelope and combine aspects from other genres to create a well-rounded, dynamic style that is uniquely his own. Dooney253 is driven by his passion for music and his desire to be the next major breakout musician.


With each new album, the Northwest-based musician will engulf listeners in the universe he creates with his no-frills approach and authenticity. Dooney253 is an artist to keep an eye on and an ear out for as he is poised to establish a long-term presence in the music industry.


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David Sinclair Takes DS4 Back On The Road

From London, David Sinclair and his nouveau-retro rock & roll band the DS4 would like to extend a warm welcome.

David Sinclair (vocals/guitar) leads the alternative rock band, which also features Geoff Peel (guitar/vocals), Jos Mendoza (bass/vocals), and Rory Mendoza (drums/vocals) (drums).

David has washed dishes, slept on floors, and met the Queen. He is an excellent singer, songwriter, guitarist, and storyteller. David and David Sinclair Four are establishing themselves as musical royalty with hits like Living Like A Yo-Yo and The Rolling People.

He has also worked as a distinguished music journalist for publications such as The Times of London, Rolling Stone, and others. He’s seen them all, from Hendrix to Bonamassa, and is a lifelong devotee of the Rolling Stones, ZZ Top, and the late Chuck Berry’s tunes.

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David and DS4 are presently on tour and would want to reconnect with their fans. Follow them on social media to learn about future events and more.

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DJ Kevin Adams Is Spinning His Way To The Top

DJ Kevin Adam is a young Indonesian DJ who made a name for himself in the electronic dance scene at the start of 2016.



He began his career by enrolling in a DJ course at Metronom DJ School Jakarta with mentor Dujut DJ and a music producer course at Farabi with Andezzz and Osvaldo Nugroho, which prepared him to comfortably navigate the world of EDM.




Due to his extensive experience in DJ Battles, he was crowned 1st Place of the International IAM DJ Hunt in Malaysia in 2018 and 2nd Place of the Red Bull 3Style Indonesia in 2019.



Due to the fact that his DJing ability does not satisfy him in the EDM sector, he released his debut single “Learning for Beat” in January 2018 and his second track “Remaja” in February 2018.



His sole passion is being a DJ and a Music Producer. DJ Kevin Adam has stayed true to his passion for spinning and music production.


Career Achievements

2nd Place Red Bull 3Style Indonesia, Jakarta 2019

7th Place World DMC Online DJ Championship, Round 3-2019
3rd Place IAM DJ Hunt Indonesia Palembang 2017
2nd Place ICEPERIENCE Cntrl – er DJ Battle Jakarta 2018
2nd Place IAM DJ Hunt Indonesia, Yogyakarta 2018
3rd Place IAM DJ Hunt Indonesia Palembang 2017
2nd Place ICEPERIENCE Cntrl – er DJ Battle Jakarta 2018
1st Place IAM DJ Hunt Indonesia, Bali 2018

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Introducing Angry Kids 24-7 Radio

Angry Kids 24-7 Radio

Welcome to Angry Kids 24-7 Radio

Angry Kids 24-7 Radio, presents a diverse mix of music and entertainment programming, exclusive to online radio. Our lineup is headlined by podcasts such as Sheryl Underwood Radio, The Stephon Devereux Show, The Neil Haley Show, and many others.

Sheryl Underwood Radio

Sheryl Underwood Radio is smart and speaks to the issues and interests of the Urban (18-34) and Urban Adult Contemporary (25-54) listeners. Sheryl Underwood Radio is relevant, tackling the hot topics of the day in a snappy, engaging, informative format. The innovative Sheryl Underwood Radio show provides an energetic conversation about relationships, entertainment, sports, and hot topics of the day, and YOU provide the music your listeners want to hear.

Sheryl Underwood Radio airs on over 500 radio affiliates, with an estimated reach of over 14 million listeners by the combined reach of the strength of the signals 500+ affiliates.

Sheryl Underwood Radio airs Monday-Friday Afternoons, from 1-5 pm EST.


The Stephon Devereux Show

The Stephon Devereux Show airs Monday-Friday Night, from 9-11 pm EST… This show consists of old-school slow jams and new school hits. Listeners can send in a request or sit back and let Stephon play great music…

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The Neil Haley Show

The Neil Haley Show airs Monday-Friday Nights 8-9 pm EST. The Neil Haley Show airs in more than 180 countries and is syndicated on 120 stations. Our Interviews reach an average of 2-million listeners per week.

Some of the shows notable guests include: • Howie Mandell • Stone Cold Steve Austin • Linda McMahon • Newt Gingrich • Mel Brooks • Paul “Triple H” Levesque • Fran Drescher • Jackie Martling • Xzibit • Liza Gibbons • Dave Cowens • Kurt Warner • Randall Cunningham • John Rich • Steven Jackson • Ryan Clark • James Worthy • Alan Page • Art Rooney II • Kerry Walsh Jennings • Bethany Hamilton • Bill Ayers


Sunday Night Special

Each Sunday Night from 8 pm-2 AM, Angry Kids 24-7 Radio presents The Sunday Night Special. A lineup of classic R&B hits.

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