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Young Malakai Is Drippin With Swag – Angry Kids 24-7 Radio

 Since the age of 14, Young Malakai has been creating music. Being introduced to Reginald Cherry of 901 Entertainment, opened the door for Young Malakai in more ways than one. 

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  While working for 901 Entertainment, she was able to write for various artists and did features for Legendary Music Producer, DJ Kirk. She took a break from music after leaving 901 Entertainment. Which didn\’t last long. During the spring of 2011, Young Malakai reconnected with Memphis based producer The1andonlyKrunk, to record new tracks but decided not to release the work. Fans are still asking for that project.

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    After the death of her brother in 2013, Young Malakai decided to dedicate her time to what she loves the most, her music. Stepping back into the studio, Young Malakai recorded her first major single, which was very successful on YouTube called \”I Ain\’t Playin With You\”. Speaking to friends in the industry and having a conversation with DJ Zirk, Young Malakai did some soul searching and wrote the song \”Change\”. She was then flooded with tracks from various producers around the globe, itching to work with her. This led to her releasing her most successful music to date, \”New Drip\”, \”Make It\” and \”Play Fair\”. Each song shows how far Young Malakai has come lyrically and her ability to pick tracks that fit her voice and sound.

    Gone are the days when Producers would dictate what her sound should be like. She\’s taken complete control of her career. She\’s doing the type of music that\’s in heart and releasing it at her own pace. With live shows and videos on deck, Young Malakai is ready to shake up Memphis hip hop for years to come. Her new album \”Live From The Truck Stop\” is expected to be released in August of 2019, which will indeed be her biggest project to date. Fans have patiently waited for this album and she plans on giving them a classic. Young Malakai is ready to take on the World now and with her skills, we expect her to win.

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No Longer A Hobby For JDiggs Tha Prodigy – Angry Kids 24-7 Radio

  Coming from a heavily religious background it\’s not surprising that J-Diggs got his start in the church choir. The Fort Worth, TX native has proven to many other independent artists, that a little luck and faith can go along way. 

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  His path towards hip hop started out as a hobby. J-Diggs made a name for himself freestyling at local house parties. It wasn\’t until his friend introduced him to studio life, that he decided to take music seriously. The comparisons to legends like Ice Cube and E40 started coming from all sides. With all the attention coming his way the Fort Worth spitter decided it was time to create his own sound and legacy.

  Coming strong with release after release, has proven to be a great plan for J-Diggs. But it was his 2017 album \”Detour\” that has helped put him on the map. His music is gaining steam on all digital platforms including Pandora. With songs like \”Man In The Mirror\” and \”Hangin\”(Remix)\”, J-Diggs has found a loyal fan base. For a choir singer who just wanted to be heard, he\’s come along way.

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   Today, J-Diggs and his team have been focused on live performances. It\’s a new avenue that he\’s set to conquer for years to come. Feeling like nothing can stand in his way, J-Diggs wants the World to know that your favorite rapper can come from Fort Worth, Tx. All it takes is one track and he guarantees you\’ll be hooked. With a sound like his, J-Diggs will be a force for years to come.

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Canadian Hip Hop\’s Secret Weapon – Angry Kids 24-7 Radio

  Canada is a country that was never on the radar for Hip Hop heads. Even after the emergence of it\’s biggest Hip Hop star Drake, Canada is still fighting for its respect in the Hip Hop world. One artist who\’s decided to take on the challenge of gaining massive respect for it\’s Hip Hop scene is Street Logic.

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   The \”culturally influential Hip Hop Artist\”, is known for representing the sound of his community and generation. Street Logic is making a name for himself outside of Canada these days, with his unique production style and lyrics. The artist/producer/performer from Edmonton, Canada is releasing new music every month. He feels in order to keep up with today\’s climate, dropping more frequently will help his brand continue to grow.

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  Street Logic overcame many obstacles to get where he\’s at now. His work ethic is possibly his greatest asset. Being able to stand out in a market that\’s filled with parody, is another great asset for Street Logic. He\’s been able to grab the attention of many Hip Hop heads and artists. Street Logic is lining up potential collabs with independent and mainstream artists. Being a self-contained artist has given him the type of freedom that most artists dream of. This freedom has allowed him to enter doors that has only lead to more opportunities.

  What\’s next for Street Logic? More music and more performances. When it\’s all said and done, Street Logic want\’s his catalog to be compared to the other Canadian Hip Hop superstar. With his passion for music leading the way, Street Logic will be there in no time.

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DJ Def Jeff brings Jack\’D Up to Angry Kids 24-7 Radio

  Angry Kids 24-7 Radio welcomes Jack\’d Up Radio hosted by DJ Def Jeff to our Saturday Night lineup. Starting June 8th, tune in every Saturday Night from 8:00pm-11:00pm Est for brand new episodes

   Jack\’d Up Radio is the hottest nationally syndicated 3-hour electronic dance music radio show on the market, hosted by DJ Def Jeff. Every week the show brings exclusive DJ mixes, artist interviews, industry news, exclusive music festival coverage, ticket giveaways, and the newest hits from top producers like: Marhsmello, Zedd, Calvin Harris, Martin Garrix, Diplo, Afrojack, The Chainsmokers, Fisher, Armin Van Buren, Kygo, Shawn Mendes, Clean Bandit, Oliver Heldens, Slushii, Dua Lipa, Camel Phat, Loud Luxury, and Many More!

First Episode on Angry Kids 24-7 Radio:

  DJ Def Jeff welcomes singer/songwriter & multi-instrumentalist Ali Stone on the show with a special guest set, along with resident DJs Oliver Heldens and Nicky Romero. Plus new exclusive music from mau5trap artists No Mana & Sysdemes, Tensteps and an exclusive interview with Gryffin.

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T-Krazie Has Enough To Go Around – Angry Kids 24-7 Radio

  Breaking away from the hip hop trio Da Army, T-Krazie is proving he still has \”Enough To Go Around\”. 

  The versatile artist is currently ripping up radio charts with songs like \”Enough To Go Around\” and \”No Chances\” with Silent To The Mouth and Mina Amiry. Fans are streaming his music by the thousands on all the streaming sites. Which is helping to set up a big year for the Texas-based rapper.

  Born Issac Ward, \”coming from a rough upbringing with no father figure being exposed to gangs, drugs, and violence at an early age. His Mother made it a point to keep him from falling victim to and becoming a product of his environment. Involving her son in sports and performing arts they soon discovered he had a gift for music\”.

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  It\’s that gift that has club promoters, artists and fans pointing their fingers and saying T-Krazie is ready for primetime. The former member of Da Army is working at a crazy pace. He\’s been in the studio working on new material for himself. Plus putting in overtime, working with various artists from around the globe. This helps create a buzz for him in places he\’s never expected.

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  T-Krazie is packing venues everywhere he performs. He takes pride in giving people a full show that\’s going to keep them coming back and telling their friends.

  What\’s next for the Artist, Producer, and Songwriter? Shows, new music for himself and others, along with some possible songwriting opportunities. T-Krazie proving that his business sense was on point, created his own music publishing company, Mr. Ward Music Publishing. T-Krazie is a true triple threat, as an entertainer, songwriter, and businessman, he\’s planting his roots deep in this industry. He\’s going to be here for years and years to come.

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Homestead Slim Is Hip Hop\’s Underground King – Angry Kids 24-7 Radio

  When you think of the origins of great Southern Hip Hop, Houston will always be #1. Continuing with that tradition is Homestead Slim. The award-winning Rapper/Producer is breaking down barriers in music for himself and many others

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  As an artist, he\’s as serious as they come but when he puts that mic down, he picks up another one. Homestead Slim is one of the major voices of Houston as the lead DJ for Street100 The Heat. A popular radio station that can be heard all across the world.

  His personality is perfect for any platform but Street100 The Heat is the place where he brings his talents to the world, without no limits. With hits like \”I Miss My Nigga\”, Homestead Slim gives you a look into his deep thoughts and emotions. Many people believe the Houston rap scene\’s been quiet recently but Homestead Slim is doing his part to change that narrative. Teaming up with Houston artists and others around the World, he\’s creating a sound that drips with that Houston Hip Hop edge.

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  With the public always craving something new and real, Homestead Slim provides that through his music or his radio programs. He gives underground artists interviews weekly, along with airing their music. Something many artists have already benefited from.

  Homestead Slim has new music on the way, music that he promises to be groundbreaking. He\’s performing more live shows to promote his music and radio shows. Promising old and new fans, a chance to get to know the real Homestead Slim. A down to Earth, regular person who loves to write, produce and play music. An overall music lover.

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IMyia Is The Next Breakout Artist Of 2019 – Angry Kids 24-7 Radio

   The singer, dancer, composer, entrepreneur and overall great person better known as IMyia, is the next breakout artist of 2019. Her beautiful personality and smile are putting a spotlight on her brand of music. A brand that she controls the narrative of, along with her team of talented artists in their own right. 

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The Latin-Pop Queen from Cuba is treating the opportunities she\’s gaining as blessings. Listening to her music you probably wouldn\’t be able to notice how humble she is. With songs like \”Me Gusta\” and \”Brava\”, you can hear the confidence in her voice. You can see it as well in the amazing visuals for her track \”Me Gusta\”. Being independent gives her advantages many artists never obtain. Crossing over into the Urban genre has opened the many doors for her. The beautiful composer feels her reason for existing is music.

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  Incredibly talented and smart, promoters are salivating at the thought of her headlining future shows for them. They know she\’s a total entertainment package. Some promoters have compared her to Jennifer Lopez because of their similar dance backgrounds. To many, that\’s where it stops. Voice for Voice, IMyia has the edge over Ms. Lopez. Many J-Lo fans agree, along with radio stations program directors and playlist curators…

   IMyia\’s hustle is strong, she and her team are constantly promoting her art to the masses. Whether on Social media or through face to face interaction with potential fans, she\’s building a great following. Maybe it\’s the music or just her approachable nature. Her fans say it\’s both. Her love and passion for making her fans happy are driving her to produce the best music possible. Plus put on a great concert for ticket buyers. With that mindset, it\’s easy to see why she\’s becoming a superstar.

   What\’s next for IMyia? Music, more music, and live events. This is just the beginning for the multi-talented star on the rise. And that\’s something that makes us all happy…

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Kiki Bonanza, The Superheroes Of Rotterdam – Angry Kids 24-7 Radio

  Who are these two masked women from Rotterdam? Who could easily be mistaken as superheroes, that makes incredible music? Kiki Bonanza. Coming together in 2016, the eclectic duo has quickly made a name of themselves.

  This match made in heaven is \”Obsessed with creating Loco beats\” and you can hear it their sound. They have a broad taste in music that leads to a lot of experimenting with drums and other technical sounds. They call it \”Rotterdam south side roughness meets Caribbic Arubian delight\”.

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  Kiki Bonanza is also praised for their lyrics and subject matter. Writing in four different languages the duo finds new ways to push the envelope. Their song ‘We bring It’ is a perfect example of what they actually bring to the table. The upbeat, club banger is creating waves around the World. Being picked up by playlist curators daily, more and more people are asking about Kiki Bonanza. Another track that\’s catching people\’s attention is \”Zuid\”. Both songs would be great to see performed live.

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 Wanting their faces not to be seen helps add to the mystique of the Superhero tandem. Which helps their live performances stand out above the rest. Bookings are growing by the week for Kiki Bonanza. Developing a great fanbase through their music and live shows. Which means packed venues for promoters. Choosing to be different is clearly working for Rotterdam\’s masked duo. With new music being released on streaming services every hour, it\’s a fair bet other\’s will be following their lead.

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Shadow.JR Breaks Out Of The EDM Box – Angry Kids 24-7 Radio

   Since 2010, Shadow.JR has been on the cutting edge of music. The DJ/Producer from Vienna Austria, Shadow.JR is willing to explore new sounds and techniques to hone his craft. Chill-out, Ambient, Downtempo, House or any genre related to the previously mentioned, shows his exceptional style can\’t be boxed into the EDM genre only. He does it all.

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  Shadow.JR, like most musicians, started out doing music as a hobby. It was his passion that made him pursue it even further. First as a producer, then parlaying that into DJ gigs. Being a DJ gives him the ultimate cheat code over other Producers. He uses it as a way to grasp what the music listeners are reacting to first hand. Sounds, Bass, Drums and even vocals he\’s taking mental notes. He uses these notes to help create some of his more popular tracks like \”Clockdown\” and \”Deep Forest\”. Both songs show his unique nature of using various sounds and patterns.

  Appearing on Playlists and Radio Stations across the World, Shadow.JR has built a loyal, and sometimes cult-like fan following. Making his way to platforms like Spotify and Apple after dominating Soundcloud for years, has only cemented this is more than a hobby to him. Shadow.JR feels Music is a dream and we should live it. He\’s definitely living his dream as he continues to grow musically. He\’s taking DJ bookings regularly, which means he\’ll be taking more notes for inspiration. With his track record, the path he\’s on is paved with hits.

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  Industry executives and artists from around the planet, are banging down his door to work with him. With his adaptable production style, it wouldn\’t be a shock if he\’s working with Adele one week and Lil Wayne the next. Time will tell which artists will be lucky enough to work with him. Whichever person he chooses to create with will walk away with a bonafide hit.

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Feudale Has Put The Rock Music On Their Backs – Angry Kids 24-7 Radio

A band like Feudale, gives us hope that real Rock is still alive. The three brothers from Matawan, NJ.  Bryan, David, and Michael have been making great music from quite some time now.

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  The versatile band of brothers is influenced by great names such as Nirvana, Pink Floyd, Jimi Hendrix, The Allman Brothers and more. The \”hard-rocking, blues-inspired band, with a twist of alternative flare\” trio, started doing music as a hobby. They\’ve turned a passion for songwriting, recording, and playing live shows into a full-time gig. With songs like \”Gasoline Alley\” and \”It\’s Not Easy\”, it\’s safe to say they\’ve made the right decision, to go after the mainstream world.

 With raw, hard-hitting drums, combined with a lead guitar and bass, the brothers have found their sound. Combined with the intense vocals of the brothers, more promoters are paying attention. Bookings are becoming easier and easier, for the guys who rather play live events, than record music. It\’s not surprising because they\’re musicians at heart first. With that mentality, they\’re creating some of their best work to date… And that\’s saying a lot with the music they\’ve already released.

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  With a devoted fan following through their live shows and releasing music on digital platforms, they should be a worldwide household name within two years. Maybe sooner… Rock has gone through many periods, good and bad. Feudale is ready to usher in another good period. No different than groups like Nirvana did when a change for the better was needed. Right now, Feudale is that change. Thank goodness, they are definitely needed…

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