Programming Info


1. Sheryl Underwood Radio

Sheryl Underwood Radio is smart and speaks to the issues and interests of the Urban (18-34) and Urban Adult Contemporary (25-54) listeners. Sheryl Underwood Radio is relevant, tackling the hot topics of the day in a snappy, engaging, informative format.

Sheryl Underwood Radio airs Monday-Friday Afternoons, from 1-5 pm EST.


2. The Stephon Devereux Show

The Stephon Devereux Show airs Monday-Friday Night, from 9-11 pm EST… This show consists of old-school slow jams and new school hits. Listeners can send in a request or sit back and let Stephon play great music…


3. Timeless Traxx With Tyrone DuBose

If you like “Old School” Music, you will love Timeless Traxx, hosted by The R&B Historian Tyrone Dubose. Listen to Timeless Traxx w/ Tyrone Dubose, Monday – Friday evenings at 8:00 pm EST here on Angry Kids 24-7 Radio



4. The John And Heidi Show

Syndicated Radio Show & Podcast (non-political) Husband & wife co-hosts. Each week they have #MovieStarMonday. They also have many other fun features! Listen to The John And Heidi Show every Monday – Friday at 5:00 pm EST here on Angry Kids 24-7 Radio.


5. The Cindy Scott Radio Show

Cindy brings her unique style of music and funny news stories to her listeners. Listen to The Cindy Scott Radio Show Monday – Friday at 11:00 am EST here on Angry Kids 24-7 Radio.


6. The Neil Haley Show

The Neil Haley Show airs various times. The Neil Haley Show airs in more than 180 countries and is syndicated on 120 stations. Our Interviews reach an average of 2-million listeners per week.


7. The Classic Chart Rundown

When it comes to music, Dave’s life is literally dictated by it. He is located in the United Kingdom and has been DJing since the early 1980s, but it was not until the mid-1990s that he developed an interest in radio presenting. His admiration, respect, and comprehension for all genres of fine music, from the vintage 1950s to the indie-pop and dance music of the ’90s and ’00s. Listen to The Classic Chart Rundown Monday – Friday at 5:00 am EST.


8. On This Day 80’s w/DJ Key

The BIG 80s show where YOU CHOOSE the songs that were in the charts “On This Day”. Listen to On This Day 80’s every Sunday at 5:00 pm EST here on Angry Kids 24-7 Radio.


9. Love From Tony

Tony Lloyd presents a two-hour love song show, including classic hit songs from the 1960s up to the early 2000s. Listen To Love From Tony, Monday – Friday at 3:00 am EST here on Angry Kids 24-7 Radio.


10. The Experience

Every show Dave gets In-The-Mix. Mixing together a blend of classic Soul Funk and Disco along with some now soulful funky vibes. Listen to the Experience Monday – Friday mornings at 6:00 am EST here on Angry Kids 24-7 Radio.


11. Sandy M’s Pop Decades

Join Sandy M as she takes us on a journey through the decades of Pop Music! With loads of great tunes that you may not have heard in a long time, Sandy brings us all of her usual features including the Smoocher’s corner, the retro rewind, and of course, Sandy’s 12-incher. Listen to Sandy M’s Pop Decades Monday – Friday at 2:00 am EST here on Angry Kids 24-7 Radio.


12. Sunday Night Special

Each Sunday night from 11 pm, Angry Kids 24-7 Radio presents The Sunday Night Special. A lineup of classic R&B hits.



13. Weekend Party

Each Friday Evening At 11 pm Est, until Sunday Afternoon, Angry Kids 24-7 Radio presents oldies but goodies from the 70s-90s. Along with Live Concert Events from during that era.


14. The Chilled Zone

A show packed full of Soul & RnB smooth grooves from days gone by. Hosted by DjChristheshirt you can listen to The Chilled Zone every Sunday night at 10:00 pm EST. Here on Angry Kids 24-7 Radio.