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5 Signs Your Husband Wants A Divorce (And How To Stop It)

If your marriage is “on the rocks,” and you’re concerned that your spouse is considering filing for divorce, this article is for you. I’ll describe a few signs to look for that suggest your husband is considering divorce, as well as how to halt the process and begin mending your marriage.

Therefore, let us begin by examining the first sign to look for…


Sign #1 – Arguing Over Everything.


Yes, it’s a well-known fact that a rise in the frequency and duration of disagreements with your partner is a sure sign that something is wrong with your marriage. Now, do not worry if you and your spouse argue a few times a week… Every married couple will disagree and have disputes from time to time, and it is generally a good thing to argue sometimes as long as the disagreements result in settlements or do not leave a lasting ill will.


When those disagreements become everyday occurrences and start to revolve around almost everything, things get a little dicey. For instance, if you arrive 5 minutes late for a dinner date and the result is a huge screaming match that leaves both of you upset for the third time in a week, there is a problem. If these types of disputes occur regularly and appear to exaggerate minor complaints or conflicts, they can mean that your marriage is going in the wrong direction.


Generally, couples who fight excessively but otherwise have stable relationships should resolve this issue reasonably easily. In basic terms, if you and your spouse quarrel frequently or argue frequently over trivial matters, you must learn how to avoid pointless disputes and have more substantive conflicts in a more civilized and productive manner.


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Another, potentially more serious sign of an unhappy marriage is when either or both of you avoid attempting to settle conflict altogether. Which brings me to my next step…


Sign #2 – Loss of Interest in Resolving Conflict or Identifying Solutions.


If your partner seems to have lost interest in the outcome of a war, or if they seem to believe that attempting to resolve your issues is futile or hopeless, this may be a direct sign of deeper problems. When this type of depression sets in, your spouse can withdraw even further and believe there will never be a way for the two of you to live peacefully together. That is clearly not a positive thing, and it is something you can address if this has been a source of contention in your marriage.


Sign #3 – Affection Withdrawal and Lack of Emotional Connection.


If your husband has become distant and has ceased displaying affection for you, this may also be a sign that they are psychologically withdrawing from the union. Oftentimes, this is accompanied by a general lack of personal interaction and an unwillingness to discuss or demonstrate feelings and emotions.


This is one of the clearest indicators, in my opinion, that a marriage is going in the wrong direction. Typically, however, it is a symptom rather than a root cause, and addressing the core problems in your marriage will also help re-establish the romantic bond and encourage your partner to resume showing affection.


If you’re experiencing this symptom in addition to those on this list, take immediate steps to halt the degeneration of your marriage. Right now, watch this video to learn about three strategies that will assist you in repairing your relationship (even if your husband is not currently interested).


Sign #4 – Having sex infrequently or never.

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Sex can be a symptom of other issues in your marriage; if you’re always arguing and there’s no emotional bond, the sex will eventually vanish.


However, it may also be a dilemma in and of itself, resulting in a marital crisis, whether due to waning desire or a lack of sex drive.


In any case, a sexless marriage is almost always headed for divorce, so if your partner appears uninterested in sex or makes excuses, there are obvious signs of trouble.


Sign #5 – The partner is often missing or seems preoccupied.


If your partner is staying out later and shows less interest in family and spending time together, this may be a sign that they are dissatisfied with their current living arrangement. It’s also possible that they’re emotionally planning for life apart, developing a social life, or even dating. Hopefully, this is not the case, and do not accuse your partner unnecessarily of this simply because they are homeless often, but it is a possibility.


Simply put, if you are spending less time with your husband than you have in the past, or if he seems distant and preoccupied while you are together, this may be a direct indication of a partner struggling emotionally with the decision to end the marriage.

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Next Steps: What’s next…


To begin, let me state unequivocally that just because your partner exhibits a few of the behaviors I just discussed does not mean they are certain to file for divorce. It is possible that these are actually warning signs of impending marital trouble. However, if you’ve seen any of these signs in your spouse recently and have a sense that things aren’t going well in your marriage, I urge you to take action now before things deteriorate further.


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Best of luck!