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The Devereux Committee Of Pro Wrestling #37 – Angry Kids 24-7 Radio

LIVE Every Sunday 12:00-12:30pm EST
Call in: 929-477-1671
Topics: Vince McMahon returns, Raw and Smackdown Ratings, All Elite Wrestling, WWE TLC


The Devereux Committee is led by Stephon Devereux. In 1997, Stephon Devereux created PGH\’s first wrestling talk show called The Devereux Committee Of Pro Wrestling. It featured matches and interviews from stars on the independent circuit and more. He went on to promote Wrestling events and host various TV and Radio programs.
Angry Kids 24-7 Radio, presents a diverse mix of music and entertainment programming, exclusively to online Radio. Our lineup is headlined by underground and independent music, in various genres. Along with the podcast such as The Devereux Committee, JayLand Radio, The Neil Haley Show and many others. Angry Kids 24-7 Radio inspires to be the \”Breeding ground for the next generation of music\”, and we\’re adding new music and programs every week.
Check out Stephon Devereux\’s latest single \”The Storm\”