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Ant Tha General Is Bringing Truth Back To Music – Angry Kids 24-7 Radio

  Coming from the \”Cold Streets\”, the \”Trust Nobody\” mentality of Ant Tha General, is said to be his strongest feature musically. But it\’s his bars, delivery, and voice, that helps him tell a story that most artists are afraid to tell. 

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That story is called The Truth. 

   Born in the Keystone State of Pennsylvania, Ant group up far away from PA, in Texas. With a little over a decade in the business, Ant started out as Freestyle beast and became an underground force in the Lonestar State. With tracks like his newest single \”Life In General\”, it\’s not hard to understand why bloggers and curators are paying close attention.

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  His mysterious past helps provide that buzz around him on social media platforms like Facebook. He\’s getting great airplay in Texas and across other states. With songs like \”Trust Nobody\” and \”No Kompany\”, radio stations are already buzzing over his latest release \”Life In General\”. Running his own label, SKG Ent. makes it easier to market his music, on his own terms. And now he\’s ready to take his Company and Music Career to another level. By bringing back that Truth Music to Hip Hop.

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