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Dat Dozier Is Making The Rap World Say Whoa – Angry Kids 24-7 Radio

Born into music on April 8, 1987, Keegan Dozier aka Dat Dozier was raised in a small town of Orange Grove(Gulfport), Mississippi. 

Influenced by his father, Richard Grant Dozier, who ran sound and produced music for the Gulf Coast Coliseum, followed his footsteps when he passed in 1998. Dat Dozier has been bringing an original style of music to the Gulf Coast ever since trying to bring his father\’s dreams to life.

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With his unique rockstar Swagga and on-beat versatility, he has been taking over the coast city-by-city. You can hear this in songs such as, \”Make Em Say Whoa\”, \”Blah\” and his newest single \”Runaway\”. Dat Dozier works with artists from around the world, proving that he can stand toe to toe with anyone lyrically.

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His drive from his past-life experiences and new-life changes have brought him to a whole new level to show the Globe what real music is. What\’s next for Dat Dozier? Live performances, video shoots, and more bangers. Clearly, he\’s on a come up and we predict he will be around for a long time to come.

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