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3 Huge Mistakes Women Make To Lose Men

So, you met a man, and everything seemed to be going swimmingly between the two of you. So you reasoned.

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And he was out the door as quickly as lightning.

Women and men have different viewpoints when it comes to relationships. The perspectives range from first date etiquette to when to sleep with their partner.


When a man pulls away from the woman he’s seeing, however, it’s typically for a reason.



Here are 3 Huge Mistakes Women Make To Lose Men.


1. Clingy.


A clingy woman is the one thing that will drive any man running. Sure, being affectionate and showing him that he’s on your mind is sweet, but if you make him your be-all and end-all, he’ll begin to feel suffocated. When this occurs, he will attempt to reclaim his freedom by withdrawing.


Worse still, when you make it clear that you’re falling for him too soon. Men like to have fun in the beginning of a relationship, so telling him you’re already planning your future together will turn him off. It’s important to stay calm, cool, and composed rather than expressing your feelings too quickly.


Remember that if a man feels that a woman expects more from him and the relationship than he can provide, he will withdraw.


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2. They have a lot of self-doubts.


According to studies, 97 percent of women are dissatisfied with their bodies at least once a day.


When it comes to relationships, though, it is never a good idea to reveal your insecurities. Sure, it’s good to be able to speak to your guy about your workout routine or your balanced eating plan, but if you’re constantly asking him, “Do these jeans make me look fat?” or nagging him whenever an attractive woman approaches him, you’re digging your own relationship grave.


The issue is that once your insecurities become visible, there’s no turning back. Show him your happy-go-lucky side instead of driving him away with your self-doubts, and he’ll be hooked.


Pretend that each date with your guy is your first because there’s no way you’d let him see this side of you otherwise.


3. Never happy without him.


Just because you’re happy when he’s around doesn’t mean he’s not picking up on your negativity when he’s not around. In reality, if he realizes that he is your sole source of happiness, he will most likely flee.


The issue is that in this case, he feels obligated to keep you happy, which is a huge responsibility for everyone! Make the most of your life rather than depending on him to keep you smiling. Do the things you like. You’ll not only make yourself happier, but you’ll also increase the overall quality of your partnership if you do so.


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I want to be with you forever and always,” he whispered into Sarah’s ear.

Her heart fluttered, her eyes widened, and her palms began to sweat…

Could it really be? she thought.

Could I really be…the one for him?

Sarah’s entire life was filled with heartbreak and disappointment. That is until she met her soulmate.

His name was Mark, and he was perfect.
He was tall, charming, and incredibly successful… every month he would whisk her away to some exotic Caribbean island or a quaint European town. She couldn’t believe how magical their lives were… and she couldn’t help but giggle with glee every time he crossed her mind…

Her best friend Jen even jokingly said, “If I could transplant my soul into your body, I’m sorry to say, but I probably would.”

Nothing in her life could have been more perfect… that is until SHE showed up.

The stunning new intern at Mark’s office… She was 7 years younger than Sarah, she was thin, and had that kind of youthful flirtiness that most men go crazy for.

At first, Sarah wasn’t worried because Mark was always intensely loyal… But this time, the whole situation just felt… different.

And as time wore on, Sarah began noticing something deeply strange and disturbing with Mark and the intern… She noticed that they began spending more and more time together at the office…

They’d always text each other late at night about work… But Sarah kept telling herself that “work was work” and tried not to think anything of it…

Until her friend, Jen told her something that made her mind race…
“Please don’t freak out,” Jen said, “but I think I saw Mark and that new intern…together…holding hands at the park last night. But I’m not 100% sure…”

The moment those words came out of Jen’s mouth, Sarah’s heart crashed to the floor…
Was it true? Her heart began to pound wildly. It felt like all her deepest fears were coming true…

She knew she had to confront Mark but the moment she did, he snapped…

Of course, I’m not into her! I love you. Not her.”

But after that, things just didn’t feel the same.

Was he telling the truth? she thought to herself.

She spent sleepless nights staring at the ceiling, wondering if Mark could really hurt her like that. Every single time Mark’s phone buzzed, she felt a burst of anxiety flow through her…

Why is she texting him so late at night? Why is she always texting him…?

The more she brought up the issue with him, the colder and more distant Mark became…
And after a few weeks of unbearable anxiety… Sarah discovered something that made her want to laugh and cry at the same time…

Jen was WRONG about Mark and the intern. It turns out that she had confused them with a couple down the street that

looked almost exactly like them…

But the damage was already done… and Mark was increasingly distant and preoccupied…

And – most disturbingly – he wasn’t texting her back as quickly as he used to… Sometimes waiting for hours where he used to always get back to her in seconds or minutes.

The uncertainty of waiting left a knot in her stomach. She didn’t know if he was mad at her… Or if he just couldn’t be bothered anymore…

Until, one day, a few weeks later… It finally happened.
Sarah got that fateful message from Mark telling her it was over… Which caused her to drop her phone…

It was as if the bottom had dropped out of her life.

Her vision blurred as the tears streamed down her cheeks… and she felt her knees weaken and stomach lurch… leaving her to doubt whether she’d ever find someone to love her the way Mark did.

And as she sat there, feeling more alone than she had in her life… Staring blankly at her broken phone… She remembered the weird type of text message her friend had told her about… the one that claimed to make any man feel a deep burning obsession for whoever sent it…

She’d thought it was ridiculous at the time… But typed it in and sent it off anyway, with no real expectation

that she’d ever heard back from him…

And almost immediately… he messaged her that one word:
And as she stared at that one word, wondering how she should respond, the phone started ringing in her hands… It was him…

It was weird to see his name came up like that… He NEVER called her…

When she answered, she’d barely said ‘hello’ when he blurted out: “Sarah, I need to see you. Can we please talk?”

She agreed to let him come over… And that whole night… Mark BEGGED Sarah for forgiveness… Forever thinking about leaving her… And forever thinking that his life could be complete without her.

The text had reminded him of everything good they had together… And had filled him with a desperate fear that he’d never find a match like her again.

Finally, he said the words she’d been waiting to hear for months: “I’m in love with you… and I’m never, ever leaving you no matter what.”

“I’m in love with you… and I’m never, ever leaving you no matter what.”

So who was this mysterious friend that told Sarah about the most influential text messages ever? Well… drum roll pleeeeease…. It was me! Amy North! *WINK*

For over 10 years, I’ve been studying the science of love and attraction and I’ve learned how simple words can make any man melt with the purest form of desire for you…

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