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DJ Kevin Adams Is Spinning His Way To The Top

DJ Kevin Adam is a young Indonesian DJ who made a name for himself in the electronic dance scene at the start of 2016.



He began his career by enrolling in a DJ course at Metronom DJ School Jakarta with mentor Dujut DJ and a music producer course at Farabi with Andezzz and Osvaldo Nugroho, which prepared him to comfortably navigate the world of EDM.




Due to his extensive experience in DJ Battles, he was crowned 1st Place of the International IAM DJ Hunt in Malaysia in 2018 and 2nd Place of the Red Bull 3Style Indonesia in 2019.



Due to the fact that his DJing ability does not satisfy him in the EDM sector, he released his debut single “Learning for Beat” in January 2018 and his second track “Remaja” in February 2018.



His sole passion is being a DJ and a Music Producer. DJ Kevin Adam has stayed true to his passion for spinning and music production.


Career Achievements

2nd Place Red Bull 3Style Indonesia, Jakarta 2019

7th Place World DMC Online DJ Championship, Round 3-2019
3rd Place IAM DJ Hunt Indonesia Palembang 2017
2nd Place ICEPERIENCE Cntrl – er DJ Battle Jakarta 2018
2nd Place IAM DJ Hunt Indonesia, Yogyakarta 2018
3rd Place IAM DJ Hunt Indonesia Palembang 2017
2nd Place ICEPERIENCE Cntrl – er DJ Battle Jakarta 2018
1st Place IAM DJ Hunt Indonesia, Bali 2018

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Shadow.JR Breaks Out Of The EDM Box – Angry Kids 24-7 Radio

   Since 2010, Shadow.JR has been on the cutting edge of music. The DJ/Producer from Vienna Austria, Shadow.JR is willing to explore new sounds and techniques to hone his craft. Chill-out, Ambient, Downtempo, House or any genre related to the previously mentioned, shows his exceptional style can\’t be boxed into the EDM genre only. He does it all.

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  Shadow.JR, like most musicians, started out doing music as a hobby. It was his passion that made him pursue it even further. First as a producer, then parlaying that into DJ gigs. Being a DJ gives him the ultimate cheat code over other Producers. He uses it as a way to grasp what the music listeners are reacting to first hand. Sounds, Bass, Drums and even vocals he\’s taking mental notes. He uses these notes to help create some of his more popular tracks like \”Clockdown\” and \”Deep Forest\”. Both songs show his unique nature of using various sounds and patterns.

  Appearing on Playlists and Radio Stations across the World, Shadow.JR has built a loyal, and sometimes cult-like fan following. Making his way to platforms like Spotify and Apple after dominating Soundcloud for years, has only cemented this is more than a hobby to him. Shadow.JR feels Music is a dream and we should live it. He\’s definitely living his dream as he continues to grow musically. He\’s taking DJ bookings regularly, which means he\’ll be taking more notes for inspiration. With his track record, the path he\’s on is paved with hits.

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  Industry executives and artists from around the planet, are banging down his door to work with him. With his adaptable production style, it wouldn\’t be a shock if he\’s working with Adele one week and Lil Wayne the next. Time will tell which artists will be lucky enough to work with him. Whichever person he chooses to create with will walk away with a bonafide hit.

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