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T-Krazie Has Enough To Go Around – Angry Kids 24-7 Radio

  Breaking away from the hip hop trio Da Army, T-Krazie is proving he still has \”Enough To Go Around\”. 

  The versatile artist is currently ripping up radio charts with songs like \”Enough To Go Around\” and \”No Chances\” with Silent To The Mouth and Mina Amiry. Fans are streaming his music by the thousands on all the streaming sites. Which is helping to set up a big year for the Texas-based rapper.

  Born Issac Ward, \”coming from a rough upbringing with no father figure being exposed to gangs, drugs, and violence at an early age. His Mother made it a point to keep him from falling victim to and becoming a product of his environment. Involving her son in sports and performing arts they soon discovered he had a gift for music\”.

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  It\’s that gift that has club promoters, artists and fans pointing their fingers and saying T-Krazie is ready for primetime. The former member of Da Army is working at a crazy pace. He\’s been in the studio working on new material for himself. Plus putting in overtime, working with various artists from around the globe. This helps create a buzz for him in places he\’s never expected.

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  T-Krazie is packing venues everywhere he performs. He takes pride in giving people a full show that\’s going to keep them coming back and telling their friends.

  What\’s next for the Artist, Producer, and Songwriter? Shows, new music for himself and others, along with some possible songwriting opportunities. T-Krazie proving that his business sense was on point, created his own music publishing company, Mr. Ward Music Publishing. T-Krazie is a true triple threat, as an entertainer, songwriter, and businessman, he\’s planting his roots deep in this industry. He\’s going to be here for years and years to come.

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