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8 Simple And Healthy Ways To Build Your Muscles Fast – Angry Kids 24-7 Radio


If you have been looking to build your muscle fast, you have to do things the right way. Eating the wrong foods and doing the wrong exercise will only prove counterproductive. No matter why you want to bulk up, here are things you can do to gain as much as a pound of muscle every week.

1. Build your muscle as much as you can

For your muscles to grow larger, what you need to do is help your body store the maximum amount of protein. Your body may be utilizing the protein reserves for other purposes, such as making hormones.

As a result, your body may not have enough protein left for building muscle. If you want to address this problem, make sure you give your body more protein than it uses.

2. Eat meat

You need at least one gram of protein to gain one pound. This is the maximum amount your body can take in 24 hours, based on a study published in the Journal of Applied Physiology.

Assuming you weigh 160 pounds, you may want to use 160 grams of protein in 24 hours. This is the amount of protein you will get if you consume one cup cottage cheese, an 8-ounce breast of chicken, two eggs, a roast-beef sandwich, 2 peanuts, and one glass of milk.

3. Eat more

Aside from protein, calories is what you need. Ideally, you may want to get 500 more calories per day.

4. Work your muscles

If you are just starting out, you can do just any workout to add to your protein synthesis. On the other hand, if you have working out for a while, what you need to do is focus on the bigger muscles, such as the legs, back, and chest.

You can add bent-over rows, dips, bench presses, and pull-ups to your workout routine, for instance.

5. Opt for a stiff drink

According to a study, lifters who drink a mixture of carbohydrates and amino acids prior to heading to the gym experience increased protein synthesis. This shake has 36 grams of carbs and 6 grams of amino acids. They help you grow your muscle fast.

6. Workout 3 or 4 days of the week

After a day of workout, you should get rest for the next day. According to studies, if you do a challenging workout, it will boost the protein synthesis for the next 48 hours right after you have done your exercise session.

Actually, your muscles develop when you are taking rest, not when you are busy working out.

7. Eat every 3 hours

Not eating enough may limit the amount of protein your body gains. What you need to do is divide the number of calories you get in 24 hours by 6. Now, that the is number you may want to consume at each meal. Just make certain you have some protein every 3 hours.

8. Drink milk before bed

You may want to have a combination of protein and carbohydrates at least half an hour prior to your bedtime. Actually, your body will have better use of calories when you are asleep.

Long story short, you can grow your muscles fast with these natural tips.

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Building A Better Body, One Brick At A Time – Angry Kids 24-7 Radio

 By: Tom Venuto

  The quest to develop a stunningly fit, lean, and attractive body is a long, slow journey. It\’s not something you achieve overnight by popping a few pills or strapping an electric gizmo to your belly.

   Which reminds me, did you know that by the time the FTC finally blew the whistle on the electronic ab belt scam, the makers of those \”ab zappers\” had swindled over $100 million dollars from unsuspecting consumers? Fortunately, some of those companies had to pay it back, and then some! The FTC charged three companies – Fast Abs, Ab Tronic, and Ab Energizer – with false advertising and deceptive warranty practices for these \”ABSurd\” gimmicks.

But I digress. back to what I was saying about the journey to a better body…

  Last week I looked out my window, and where there was once nothing but a dirt-filled empty lot, there stood a sprawling six-story brick condo complex. If someone looked at this massive completed structure for the first time, they might not be impressed. However, since I observed the entire construction process unfold from my living room window, I was impressed – amazed even – at what goes into erecting this kind of structure.

  I remember watching the crew humming around diligently every day like busy bees, laying one brick after another. From one day to the next, it didn\’t seem like much changed. But slowly, over a period of a year and a half, I watched the building gradually morph into the finished product.

  When you look at someone with an incredible body as a finished product, you often tend to dismiss the long, arduous journey and hard work it took to build that body. Unless you were side by side with that person in the gym (and in the kitchen), observing the work involved, it\’s easy to attribute such a chiseled physique to genetics or give credit to a supplement (they just took product XYZ and voila – overnight abs). What you don\’t see or appreciate are all the months and years of sweat and hard work.


Getting in shape is a lot like a construction project. First, there must be a picture in the mind. Then the vision goes onto paper as a blueprint. It takes months just to lay the foundation. More months of work will follow. On a daily basis, it doesn\’t seem like much is happening. You look in the mirror and appear, for the most part, the same as you did yesterday. But sure enough, the small improvements are slowly accumulating like compounding interest in the bank. One day, you look in the mirror, and \”suddenly,\” your blueprint has become reality.

  The body of a fitness model, figure competitor, or bodybuilder is no more likely to be built overnight than a high rise is to be built overnight. It\’s not physically possible. Accepting the idea that any type of pill, powder, drug, supplement, or machine of any kind will make it happen sooner than nature intended (without negative consequences or side effects) is pure folly. You can\’t force it.

  Growth and development of any kind always require a gestation period. For a baby, it\’s nine months. For corn, I believe it\’s about three months. If you were an expectant mother, would you want to hurry the process? Could any new development in nutrition or medical science speed up this wonderful miracle even one iota? If you were a farmer, would you try to harvest your crop before it was ripe? Would you dig up your seeds to see if anything was growing down there?

  The answers are obvious. If only we would adopt the same patient, nurturing \”mother\’s\” or \”farmer\’s mindset\” towards getting in shape, then no one would waste their money on \”fast abs\” or \”exercise in a bottle\” or any such silliness ever again. We would understand that one must sow first, then reap the harvest, but that you can\’t sow and reap in the same season.


  If you ever get frustrated with the rate of progress in your fitness or weight loss program (and who doesn\’t), just remember; success is always guaranteed to the persistent. Nothing in the world can stop someone who knows what they want and is willing to continue paying the price until they get it. It just takes time.

  Become the architect and builder of your own dream body. You WILL build the body you want eventually if you\’re patient enough and you refuse to quit. And set your goals HIGH! Create a fantastic blueprint. Michelangelo said, \”the greatest danger is not that we set our goals too high and miss them, the greatest danger is that we set our goals too low and we reach them.\” Envision a castle – a veritable Taj Mahal of a body! There\’s nothing wrong with building castles in the sky, as long as you patiently work at putting the foundations underneath them. There are very few unrealistic goals; only goals with unrealistic deadlines.

  So keep laying those \”bricks\” – every day – one at a time – and sure enough, eventually, you\’ll build yourself a palace.