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Is Stephon Devereux stirring up trouble? – Angry Kids 24-7 Radio

Stephon Devereux loves controversy. After years of being a true \”HEEL\” in Pro Wrestling, he\’s decided to open up about American Politics. With the release of his new EP \”Capital Hill\”, Stephon is going after black Democrats and the positions they hold. The title song \”Capital Hill\”, throws shade at some black Democratic leaders who he feels aren\’t doing enough for the black community. When asked about the song, Stephon told us to \”listen to the music.\”… We did. Now you can too.

Stephon Devereux did say one thing. \”This song is really raw. I recorded the song in thirty minutes and put it out instantly. I wanted this to be all about the words.\”…

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Angry Kids 24-7 Radio Featured: Nikki "706nix" McKnight

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Nikki “706nix” McKnight is on her way to being one of the top female emcees of her era. The Columbus, Georgia native is one of the latest female rappers to step on the scene commanding attention with her honest and raw rhymes, with her skillful ability to paint vivid pictures with each verse.

       At first, rapping was just a pass time hobby. It was not until her longtime friend encouraged her to take it seriously and develop it into a full-blown craft and art. After recording her first song, she discovered her talent and passion for writing rhymes. The reflective track \”Who Am I,\” put Nikki’s life into perspective and setting the foundation for what she does best; translating her life experiences into catchy songs that anyone can relate to.

   The year 2012 would be 706nix’s break out year. She kicked off the year performing at the SCMC Maybach Music Seminar in Atlanta. On the heels of that momentous performance, she opened for fellow female emcee Trina in Columbus, Georgia and in Jacksonville, Florida. In the years to come, Nikki would perfect her stage presence hitting stages in NYC, Louisiana, Virginia, California, North Carolina, in Texas during SXSW, and being an official artist on the A3C roster in 2016.

   Nikki is on her way to the top as she continues to make a name for herself with her current project Episodes. She possesses versatility that allows her to create music for people from all walks of life.

Check out Nikki\’s latest single.

You can also check her out on the Various Artists Compilation Mix playlist on Spotify

Here\’s what other bloggers are saying about her.

“Taking it back to the 90’s, telling a story, addressing life’s situations, and social issues. Nix made sure she delivered something to discuss and raise eyebrows.”

Magi Love – Get Lifted Entertainment

“Nikki paints a picture so vivid, the listener can visualize everything that she\’s saying while being able to enjoy fun and catchy tune. This is definitely one you can enjoy in the club, at home, or while \”Road Trippin\” yourself.”

Kareem Williams – ThisIs50

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