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Homestead Slim Is Hip Hop\’s Underground King – Angry Kids 24-7 Radio

  When you think of the origins of great Southern Hip Hop, Houston will always be #1. Continuing with that tradition is Homestead Slim. The award-winning Rapper/Producer is breaking down barriers in music for himself and many others

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  As an artist, he\’s as serious as they come but when he puts that mic down, he picks up another one. Homestead Slim is one of the major voices of Houston as the lead DJ for Street100 The Heat. A popular radio station that can be heard all across the world.

  His personality is perfect for any platform but Street100 The Heat is the place where he brings his talents to the world, without no limits. With hits like \”I Miss My Nigga\”, Homestead Slim gives you a look into his deep thoughts and emotions. Many people believe the Houston rap scene\’s been quiet recently but Homestead Slim is doing his part to change that narrative. Teaming up with Houston artists and others around the World, he\’s creating a sound that drips with that Houston Hip Hop edge.

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  With the public always craving something new and real, Homestead Slim provides that through his music or his radio programs. He gives underground artists interviews weekly, along with airing their music. Something many artists have already benefited from.

  Homestead Slim has new music on the way, music that he promises to be groundbreaking. He\’s performing more live shows to promote his music and radio shows. Promising old and new fans, a chance to get to know the real Homestead Slim. A down to Earth, regular person who loves to write, produce and play music. An overall music lover.

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