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IMyia Is The Next Breakout Artist Of 2019 – Angry Kids 24-7 Radio

   The singer, dancer, composer, entrepreneur and overall great person better known as IMyia, is the next breakout artist of 2019. Her beautiful personality and smile are putting a spotlight on her brand of music. A brand that she controls the narrative of, along with her team of talented artists in their own right. 

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The Latin-Pop Queen from Cuba is treating the opportunities she\’s gaining as blessings. Listening to her music you probably wouldn\’t be able to notice how humble she is. With songs like \”Me Gusta\” and \”Brava\”, you can hear the confidence in her voice. You can see it as well in the amazing visuals for her track \”Me Gusta\”. Being independent gives her advantages many artists never obtain. Crossing over into the Urban genre has opened the many doors for her. The beautiful composer feels her reason for existing is music.

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  Incredibly talented and smart, promoters are salivating at the thought of her headlining future shows for them. They know she\’s a total entertainment package. Some promoters have compared her to Jennifer Lopez because of their similar dance backgrounds. To many, that\’s where it stops. Voice for Voice, IMyia has the edge over Ms. Lopez. Many J-Lo fans agree, along with radio stations program directors and playlist curators…

   IMyia\’s hustle is strong, she and her team are constantly promoting her art to the masses. Whether on Social media or through face to face interaction with potential fans, she\’s building a great following. Maybe it\’s the music or just her approachable nature. Her fans say it\’s both. Her love and passion for making her fans happy are driving her to produce the best music possible. Plus put on a great concert for ticket buyers. With that mindset, it\’s easy to see why she\’s becoming a superstar.

   What\’s next for IMyia? Music, more music, and live events. This is just the beginning for the multi-talented star on the rise. And that\’s something that makes us all happy…

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