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Angry Kids 24-7 Radio presents Featured Artist – Vivid One

                               Angry Kids 24-7 Radio presents Featured Artist – Vivid One

    Aussie Hip Hop artist, Vivid One, has been tearing up his part of the World with the backing of Kreative Lyricist Recordz. The young Aussie believes his hard work and dedication is paying off, now that his music is starting to get more exposure.

 And the timing couldn\’t be more perfect

     According to Liam Ruz of Stoneyroads.com

\”The nature of Aussie hip-hop is well and truly changing, with a new generation of artists ushering in a new beginning for the culture down under.\”

        Vivid One has a very unique style and continues to grow. He\’s releasing new music quite frequently, as he builds off of the momentum he\’s created for himself. Playlist curators are adding his music to their list on every major platform. 

   Vivid One feels his music is better than a lot of mainstream artist with bigger budgets… You be the judge… 

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