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Eminem Responds To MGK And Joe Budden – Angry Kids 24-7 Radio

Eminem Responds To MGK And Joe Budden but did he really?
Ok, it\’s been over a week since MGK dropped his lethal diss track, Rap Devil. And now Eminem finally responds. Sort of. The legendary Detroit emcee did a series of interviews with Shade 45 host Sway. In the second interview of the series, Eminem discusses his beef with MGK and Joe Budden.

Check out the video below:

Eminem seems to be grasping for straws here. Ever since his beef with The Kind Of Pop, Michael Jackson, Eminem has been on a path to nowhere. He lost his edge musically and socially. Watching these interviews, Eminem seems to a man going through a mid-life crisis. Does he want to continue with music? Time will only tell. If Eminem is going to rebound from this, he\’s going to need to stay in this Kamikaze lane. Just our opinion. Keep your eyes and ears open for Pt 3.
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