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David Sinclair Takes DS4 Back On The Road

From London, David Sinclair and his nouveau-retro rock & roll band the DS4 would like to extend a warm welcome.

David Sinclair (vocals/guitar) leads the alternative rock band, which also features Geoff Peel (guitar/vocals), Jos Mendoza (bass/vocals), and Rory Mendoza (drums/vocals) (drums).

David has washed dishes, slept on floors, and met the Queen. He is an excellent singer, songwriter, guitarist, and storyteller. David and David Sinclair Four are establishing themselves as musical royalty with hits like Living Like A Yo-Yo and The Rolling People.

He has also worked as a distinguished music journalist for publications such as The Times of London, Rolling Stone, and others. He’s seen them all, from Hendrix to Bonamassa, and is a lifelong devotee of the Rolling Stones, ZZ Top, and the late Chuck Berry’s tunes.

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David and DS4 are presently on tour and would want to reconnect with their fans. Follow them on social media to learn about future events and more.

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