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No Easy Description for N.E.D – Angry Kids 24-7 Radio

When people think of N.E.D(No Easy Description), a few things come to mind but soulful stands out the most. His music is pure and reaches the music lovers in all of us. Today\’s Hip Hop is basically one copycat after another.

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N.E.D. is breaking the mold with the unique flavors he uses to rhyme over. N.E.D. has an old school flair in delivering his message about day to day life and the consequences from the choices that we make. You can hear the realness in his voice and lyrics. With classics like \”Spilt Milk\”, he\’s found a way to bring social issues to his music in a very upfront way. Another classic is \”Oh My Gawd\”. He goes deeper and brings visuals to the table to help spread his message.

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As the head of Trauma Life Promo, N.E.D. has been very influential in the music promotions department, for up and coming artists. He\’s very active on social media promoting his music and others. As one the top Playlist Curators, he\’s been able to put over people who are usually never heard of. Unlike most artists in Hip Hop, he\’s done more for others than he\’s done for himself. He\’s a certified triple threat within the underground music community. With respect from artists around the world.

With new projects coming, N.E.D. will likely spend more time promoting his music. And with good music like his, it\’s understandable. Knowing him he\’ll fall back into what loves to do and that\’s help artists grow with him and beyond.

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