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Cougar Season – Older Women Dating Younger Men

I’m not sure why there’s such a big deal about older women dating younger men. Men have been dating younger women since the beginning of time, as we all know. And, if younger really is better, why should the guys have all the fun?

I’m not sure if this is real, but I heard that men dating younger women and older women dating younger men have very different motives. According to the theory, men do it primarily for vanity, while women do it primarily to have someone who can keep up with them.


Women, as we all know, reach their sexual prime later in life than men. As a result, it seems that there might be a biological explanation why women choose to date younger men.


Of course, if you’re a woman like this, you’d better carry your “A” game. And I’m not talking about the game you play in your bedroom. I’m talking about your self-assurance. This form of relationship can be problematic if you are too nervous.

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If you’re dating a younger, attractive man, he’ll attract a lot of female attention. You are more likely to feel stressed and insecure if you are not confident in yourself and the strengths and attributes that you bring to the relationship.


Feeling this way would almost certainly lead to you acting needy, clingy, and suspicious. Both of these factors combined could spell the end of your relationship quite quickly.


Few men would want to deal with that kind of drama for an extended period of time. So, when I say “bring your “A” game,” I mean exactly that.


Make sure you trust yourself enough to believe he is just as fortunate to have you as you are to have him.


Beyond the fact that he is young and likely in good health, there are many benefits to dating a younger person.



My friend is just a few years younger than her husband, but she is finding that despite their small age gap (and the fact that he never took care of himself), he is unable to keep up with her, and it is becoming an issue.



She enjoys being healthy and spending time outdoors, but she has had to cut down on several of her favorite activities because he refuses to accompany her. She’s become more frustrated and alone.



Her marriage would be put under even more strain as a result of it. As a result, dating a younger guy may be a perfect way to ensure that you don’t have to think about “leaving” your guy as you get older.


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Of course, if you’re only looking for someone to hang out with, the long-term benefits might not be important to you.


There are a lot of benefits to older women dating younger men, and if it’s something you’re interested in, there are a lot of guys who would love to meet you.

Angry Kids 24-7 Radio

Introducing Angry Kids 24-7 Radio

Angry Kids 24-7 Radio

Welcome to Angry Kids 24-7 Radio

Angry Kids 24-7 Radio, presents a diverse mix of music and entertainment programming, exclusive to online radio. Our lineup is headlined by podcasts such as Sheryl Underwood Radio, The Stephon Devereux Show, The Neil Haley Show, and many others.

Sheryl Underwood Radio

Sheryl Underwood Radio is smart and speaks to the issues and interests of the Urban (18-34) and Urban Adult Contemporary (25-54) listeners. Sheryl Underwood Radio is relevant, tackling the hot topics of the day in a snappy, engaging, informative format. The innovative Sheryl Underwood Radio show provides an energetic conversation about relationships, entertainment, sports, and hot topics of the day, and YOU provide the music your listeners want to hear.

Sheryl Underwood Radio airs on over 500 radio affiliates, with an estimated reach of over 14 million listeners by the combined reach of the strength of the signals 500+ affiliates.

Sheryl Underwood Radio airs Monday-Friday Afternoons, from 1-5 pm EST.


The Stephon Devereux Show

The Stephon Devereux Show airs Monday-Friday Night, from 9-11 pm EST… This show consists of old-school slow jams and new school hits. Listeners can send in a request or sit back and let Stephon play great music…

To Request A Song



The Neil Haley Show

The Neil Haley Show airs Monday-Friday Nights 8-9 pm EST. The Neil Haley Show airs in more than 180 countries and is syndicated on 120 stations. Our Interviews reach an average of 2-million listeners per week.

Some of the shows notable guests include: • Howie Mandell • Stone Cold Steve Austin • Linda McMahon • Newt Gingrich • Mel Brooks • Paul “Triple H” Levesque • Fran Drescher • Jackie Martling • Xzibit • Liza Gibbons • Dave Cowens • Kurt Warner • Randall Cunningham • John Rich • Steven Jackson • Ryan Clark • James Worthy • Alan Page • Art Rooney II • Kerry Walsh Jennings • Bethany Hamilton • Bill Ayers


Sunday Night Special

Each Sunday Night from 8 pm-2 AM, Angry Kids 24-7 Radio presents The Sunday Night Special. A lineup of classic R&B hits.

Angry Kids 24-7 Radio presents Featured: Darius "Golab" Golebiewski

Angry Kids 24-7 Radio presents Featured: Darius \”Golab\” Golebiewski

 Who is this up and coming Blues singer/musician? We did some digging to find out… Check out what his bio told us.

I was born in 1953, in Warsaw, Poland, as a white, male infant, (which was nobody´s fault), and I crawled my way into the world, (which is the natural way of all living creatures, except those that don´t crawl). After leaving Poland in 1980, for several years I bounced around Europe playing music, to finally settle down in Spain.

 To make a long story short, here I am and this is what I do. I sing and I play all the instruments on my recordings. I love my instruments, and I love playing them, and I hope it shows in my music. I don´t rehearse or arrange my life before living it, and I don´t rehearse or arrange my songs before recording them, so they are just like me; disorganized and imperfect.

I´m not inviting you to like them or buy them, I´m inviting you to just check them out, they are fragments of my life…

We believe that Darius has his own style and feel. We encourage you to give him a listen…\”
                                                                         – Blues Blogger

Don\’t forget to check out Darius on Angry Kids 24-7 Radio

This Week On The Devereux Committee Of Pro Wrestling – Angry Kids 24-7 Radio

LIVE every Sunday 12:00pm EST
Call in: 929-477-1671
Email: stephondevereux@gmail.com
HELL IN A CELL preview… ALL IN 2?  Chris Jericho speaks on working for Vince McMahon… News, Rumors and more…
Angry Kids 24-7 Radio, presents a diverse mix of music and entertainment programming, exclusively to online Radio. Our lineup is headlined by underground and independent music, in various genres. Along with the podcast such as The Devereux Committee, JayLand Radio, The Neil Haley Show and many others. Angry Kids 24-7 Radio inspires to be the \”Breeding ground for the next generation of music\”, and we\’re adding new music and programs every week.
The Devereux Committee is led by Stephon Devereux. In 1997, Stephon Devereux created PGH\’s first wrestling talk show called The Devereux Committee Of Pro Wrestling. It featured matches and interviews from stars on the independent circuit and more. He went on to promote Wrestling events and host various TV and Radio programs.
Executive Produced By Idiot Radio Net
Dont forget to pick up the new Angry Kids 24-7 Radio Hoodie

Thank You Mac Miller – Angry Kids 24-7 Radio

Thank you, Mac Miller, for being a great talent and representing Pittsburgh like a true Steeler. What you did for the kids on the East Side of Pittsburgh, will forever be remembered. Kids who met you will tell their kids about you. They will speak of you with a smile on their face. That\’s how you should be remembered. The kid from Pittsburgh who had fun and gave his all for the city… Thank you and God Bless you.
Listen to Mac Miller and more Angry Kids 24-7 Radio

The Devereux Committee joins Angry Kids 24-7 Radio

Angry Kids 24-7 Radio is proud to announce we have added a brand new program to our lineup.

The Devereux Committee Of Pro Wrestling hosted by Stephon Devereux.

Stephon Devereux, brings his fiery opinions on different subjects, along with WWE and other Pro Wrestling News and notes. The show will also feature music from the 80\’s Hip Hop era, interviews and possible skits.

The Devereux Committee will air Friday and Saturday Night @ 9pm EST.

Check this out

History Of The Devereux Committee:

The Devereux Committee is led by Stephon Devereux. In 1997, Stephon Devereux
created, PGH\’s first wrestling talk show called The Devereux Committee Of Pro
Wrestling. It featured matches and interviews from stars on the independent circuitand more. He went on to promote Wrestling events and host various TV and
Radio programs.

Executive Produced By Idiot Radio Net.

Angry Kids 24-7 Radio Featured: Nikki "706nix" McKnight

Don\’t forget to check out Nikki on Angry Kids 24-7 Radio
Nikki “706nix” McKnight is on her way to being one of the top female emcees of her era. The Columbus, Georgia native is one of the latest female rappers to step on the scene commanding attention with her honest and raw rhymes, with her skillful ability to paint vivid pictures with each verse.

       At first, rapping was just a pass time hobby. It was not until her longtime friend encouraged her to take it seriously and develop it into a full-blown craft and art. After recording her first song, she discovered her talent and passion for writing rhymes. The reflective track \”Who Am I,\” put Nikki’s life into perspective and setting the foundation for what she does best; translating her life experiences into catchy songs that anyone can relate to.

   The year 2012 would be 706nix’s break out year. She kicked off the year performing at the SCMC Maybach Music Seminar in Atlanta. On the heels of that momentous performance, she opened for fellow female emcee Trina in Columbus, Georgia and in Jacksonville, Florida. In the years to come, Nikki would perfect her stage presence hitting stages in NYC, Louisiana, Virginia, California, North Carolina, in Texas during SXSW, and being an official artist on the A3C roster in 2016.

   Nikki is on her way to the top as she continues to make a name for herself with her current project Episodes. She possesses versatility that allows her to create music for people from all walks of life.

Check out Nikki\’s latest single.

You can also check her out on the Various Artists Compilation Mix playlist on Spotify

Here\’s what other bloggers are saying about her.

“Taking it back to the 90’s, telling a story, addressing life’s situations, and social issues. Nix made sure she delivered something to discuss and raise eyebrows.”

Magi Love – Get Lifted Entertainment

“Nikki paints a picture so vivid, the listener can visualize everything that she\’s saying while being able to enjoy fun and catchy tune. This is definitely one you can enjoy in the club, at home, or while \”Road Trippin\” yourself.”

Kareem Williams – ThisIs50

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