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Seemore Bluntz Is No Joke – Angry Kids 24-7 Radio

 Staten Island, NY born Melvin Temple Jr, better known as Seemore Bluntz, is an MC with dreams of putting the East Coast on his back. Seemore is making a name for himself with a flow that is based on a \”Bars First\” mentality. 

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His clever wordplay and storytelling abilities put him in a class by himself which makes him stand out in today\’s hip hop world. Crafting bars since the young age of 8 and recording since he was 12, Seemore has used what a lot of artists find hard to use, real-life experiences. And he\’s used to his advantage to create some Staten Island\’s best bars and punchlines. Which says a lot because Staten Island has birthed some of the greatest Emcees of all time.

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 Seemore has been through the fire musically and in life but he\’s found a way to come out on top. He\’s used hip hop to help him deal with tragedies such as losing his mother and other uncontrollable circumstances.

 Using music as his outlet, Seemore sees this as his opportunity to turn negatives into positives. With the release of mixtapes such as \”Bluntly Speaking\” and \”The Uninvited Guest\”, Seemore put a lot of people on notice.

His latest release \”Shut Up And Listen\” got the streets on fire along with the digital music world. Keep your eyes and ears open for Seemore Bluntz, you won\’t be sorry.

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