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So-Low Uses Creatine To Muscle His Way Into Hip Hop – Angry Kids 24-7 Radio

  Living in Vallejo until his teens and now residing in Valley Colusa, So-Low grew up in the rough Bay Area system… His time spent in prison gave him a chance to reflect on his life. People around him always spoke of his talent and especially the passion he had for music.

  Growing up in the Bay Area he was surrounded by the music of hip hop legends and one day something just clicked. So-Low was ready to use music to express himself in a way he never expected. He began writing and discovered he could really feed his family with Hip Hop. Over time, he\’s only gotten more confident and it shows with songs like \”Picture Me Rollin\” and his latest hit \”Creatine\”. Both come with incredible and convincing visuals.

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One of his most talked about songs is \”Droppin Anchors\”. \”Droppin Anchors\” has that feel that\’s missing in today\’s hip hop mainstream. The video for the single gives it the exact touch it needs to be on peoples mind for a long time… He\’s also a self-contained artist, Put So-Low in the studio by himself and he\’ll create an entire album with no help. Check out his single \”Huddle\” for a great example of that… You can hear his West Coast roots all throughout his music.

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With his latest single \”Creatine\”, So-Low will have the average jealous. The video takes place on a golf course and So-Low, with his friends, are having the time of their lives. It\’s another collaboration with Roil Dub but this time they bring CML to the table. The video has caught fire since it\’s recent debut and visuals for his music, is something he\’s mastered.

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In today\’s Troll World, he doesn\’t use social media to overhype himself or his music. He\’s letting his music and everything that comes with it tell his story. He\’s only a few years deep into the business and he\’s creating a solid buzz with little marketing. We get the feeling he\’s close to figuring this industry out a lot sooner than he thought.

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