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Angry Kids 24-7 Radio presents Featured Artist – Vivid One

                               Angry Kids 24-7 Radio presents Featured Artist – Vivid One

    Aussie Hip Hop artist, Vivid One, has been tearing up his part of the World with the backing of Kreative Lyricist Recordz. The young Aussie believes his hard work and dedication is paying off, now that his music is starting to get more exposure.

 And the timing couldn\’t be more perfect

     According to Liam Ruz of Stoneyroads.com

\”The nature of Aussie hip-hop is well and truly changing, with a new generation of artists ushering in a new beginning for the culture down under.\”

        Vivid One has a very unique style and continues to grow. He\’s releasing new music quite frequently, as he builds off of the momentum he\’s created for himself. Playlist curators are adding his music to their list on every major platform. 

   Vivid One feels his music is better than a lot of mainstream artist with bigger budgets… You be the judge… 

Follow Vivid One on Spotify

You can hear Vivid One on Angry Kids 24-7 Radio

Lew Broley presents Lay It Down

    Lew Broley is a producer and rapper from the Sacramento, Ca who got his start in 1996. After a deal gone bad with legendary singer and record executive, Robert Brookins, Lew struck out on his own.

   He\’s built a great reputation in his city, by staying true to that West Coast sound. And giving fans great lyrics based off of his real-life experiences. When he\’s not creating music for himself, he\’s working with various artists in and around Sacramento…

  Check out Lew\’s latest hit \”Lay It Down\”.

Credit: Angry Kids 24-7 Radio


Courtesy of Syndicast

Spotify’s new beta feature gives artists, labels, and teams an easy way to submit unreleased music directly to its editorial team for playlist consideration.

At Spotify, their goal is to match every listener with the perfect music for them. That’s why they have a team of over 100 editors around the world — music experts and cultural ambassadors whose job is to spread the joy of music discovery everywhere from Brazil to Japan to Turkey. Today, they’re introducing a beta feature as part of Spotify for Artists and Spotify Analytics designed to make it easier for artists and labels to share unreleased music with this team — so our editors can create better playlists and artists have a better shot at landing on one.

Everyone, whether you’re an artist, label, manager or part of an artist’s team, can try out this feature. Simply log into your Spotify for Artists account or, if you work at a label, head over to Spotify Analytics. There, you’ll have the option of selecting one unreleased song for playlist consideration and submitting it to their team.

“It’s important to give us as much information about the track as possible — genre, mood, and other data points all help us make decisions about where it may fit. You can note the instruments on it, whether it’s a cover, and the cultures you or the song belong to. The data you share will be complemented by what we already know about you — what else your fans listen to, what other playlists you’ve appeared on, etc.

Editors will be searching through submissions based on the information you share to find unreleased music to consider for their playlists. The song and all the info you add about it will also impact our personalized recommendations. For example, as long as you tag and submit your track seven days in advance, the song you select will automatically appear in every one of your followers’ Release Radar playlists. This way you have control over which single you’re promoting to your fans.

We want to make something crystal clear: no one can pay to be added to one of Spotify’s editorial playlists. Our editors pick tracks with listeners in mind. They make these decisions using data about what’s resonating most with their community of listeners.

Beta means this is the first step. With more than 75,000 artists featured on editorial playlists each week, and another 150,000 on Discover Weekly, we know how important it is to get this right. We’ll continue evolving this feature based on your feedback, so artists, labels, managers, and partners can all help us create better playlists for Spotify listeners.”

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