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What Is Sqribble And Does It Work

In this review, I’ll take a closer look at Sqribble, a brand new cloud-based tool that allows you to quickly and easily build eBooks, reports, whitepapers, and other digital books on the fly.

We’ll go into what it does, who it’s for, how much it costs, what the upsells are, and the benefits and drawbacks of this new tool so you can make an educated decision on whether or not to buy it… and whether it’s right for you.


What exactly is Sqribble?


Sqribble is an online platform for creating eBooks. It helps you to design professional-looking eBooks with just a few clicks, using templates from within the tool, saving you a lot of time and money.


Unlike other eBook developers, Sqribble drew my attention right away because it has some unique features that I haven’t seen anywhere else.


Here are a few features that really impressed me:


Automatic content — yep, Sqribble will fill your book with expert content without you having to write a single phrase. Based on the URL you have, this is content from around the world. You can copy and paste material from any URL, extract it from a Word doc, or use their own library of niche posts. This is a complete game-changer.


This is a huge time saver for someone who despises writing or doesn’t have the time to do it.


Beautiful eCovers — though many eBook tools save time, they produce poor eCovers for your books. Sqribble isn’t the same here. The covers are absolutely stunning. They’d look right at home on Kindle or Amazon, and they give the impression that you’re a seasoned pro who commands respect and authority.

landing page builder


One of my favorite features of Sqribble is the ability to create flipbooks. You can make interactive flipbooks out of your “flat” books. This makes your digital book appear and feel more like a real book, with pages that turn (animated like a real book page turning) and the appearance of a book you can reach out and snatch.


What is the significance of this?


It’s all about grabbing publicity and standing out. It’s also a way to better connect your readers. They’re more likely to get satisfaction from your material and keep reading until the end, where your pitch or call to action is if they like the process of reading your book (“flipping” the pages). Another advantage of flipbooks is that you can insert them on your website using a simple piece of code provided by Sqribble once your book is released. That’s fantastic!


What else is Sqribble capable of?

Sqribble is a flexible application with a plethora of additional features that I considered useful. Here’s an example of what else Sqribble can do:


— Table of contents generated automatically


— Headers and footers that are produced automatically


— Pagination is done automatically.


— Model by dragging and dropping


— You can add or remove pages.


— You can even add your own media.

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— More than 300 Google Fonts


— 50 eBook layouts (covering 15 different niches)


— There are ten different eBook themes to choose from (1 click changes the color scheme of the book)


— Use a URL to import content


— Add material by hand


That’s exactly what I found inside the dashboard!


This tool has a lot of features, making it one of the best eBook creators I’ve seen, but there is one minor flaw that I’ll discuss further down.


Who is it intended for?


Freelancers, independent internet marketers, small marketing companies, and small business owners who want to build lead magnets, publish Kindle books, create and sell eBooks, or publish whitepapers should use Sqribble.


If you’re looking for a way to supplement your income, you’ll be happy to learn that Sqribble comes with a commercial agency license that allows you to use it for client work and provide eBook design services, with the opportunity to produce an unlimited number of eBooks that you can sell and retain all of the profits!


They also provide you with a pre-built agency website with a pre-filled portfolio that you can upload to any domain for instant authority and show off to any new potential clients. (A professional website like this would set you back at least $600, so it’s a great deal.)


A built-in “Client input tool” makes it easier to work with clients on eBook projects (I love this feature).


How much does it cost?

Normally $197, but for a limited time just, it’s only $47.


Are there any upsells?


There are currently four upsells available. You don’t need all of them to use Sqribble, but depending on your situation and usage, they may be useful.


Here’s a list of them:


Sqribble specialist is the first upsell.


Unlock 150 more advanced eBook templates (the best are in the pro version), graphics, and even more pre-written material for a variety of niches. (For the record, single templates from stock websites can cost up to $450… for ONE template!) For those who want more variety, content, and frequent users, this is a great option.


Sqribble Prime is the second upsell.


Every month, 15 premium “limited edition” new eBook templates will be added to your Sqribble dashboard. This will help you build up your library over time and set you apart from other users. For a template, it comes to less than two dollars! (Much less expensive than stock photo sites.) For moderate users, this is ideal.


Sqribble Fantasia 3D is the third upsell.


It has two-in-one capabilities.

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1.) Makes a 3D cover development tool available in your dashboard, enabling you to turn “flat” covers into lifelike 3D covers. It’s a great way to attract more publicity and make your books appear and feel more “real.” It’s true that people judge a book by its cover, so keep that in mind.


2.) Transform your eBooks into “Flipbooks,” which are interactive and animated pages that turn like real pages. They can be accessed from anywhere on the internet and can be inserted in web pages using a single line of code. This is fantastic.


Auto Job Finder app is the fourth upsell.


If you’re going to use Sqribble to build eBooks as a way to make money, you’ll want to check out Auto Job Finder. It will automatically locate and alert you of similar jobs on different freelance websites so that you can complete them. It’s a big time and money saver.


The drawbacks


— The 3D cover is covered by an upsell.


The positives


— Easy to use


— No glitches


— Unrestricted use (one-time payment)


The fantastic


— A plethora of lovely templates


— Aesthetically pleasing page templates


— Content that is generated automatically (saves time)


— Author of the Flipbook (available through 3rd upsell)


Final thoughts

There have been a lot of eBook creator tools in the past, but none that I’ve seen make the process as easy and simple as Sqribble. It’s surprisingly bug-free (most low-cost tools like this are), and it’s loaded with some pretty cool features.


The models are attractive, the layouts are professional, and the ability to add content instantly makes this a must-have for anyone tired of slaving over book design, writing content, and fiddling with formatting.


The commercial license that is included is the cherry on top. Normally, suppliers charge an additional fee for this, so it’s a significant value-added benefit. The additional given done-for-you agency website is just on the verge of being completed.


Sqribble was founded by Adeel Chowdhry, a well-known internet entrepreneur and best seller with over ten years of experience and previous global hits such as Pixel Studio FX, which sold tens of thousands of units all over the world. I expect Sqribble to provide high-quality technical solutions, as he is known for.


If you’re planning to produce eBooks, reports, or Kindle books in the near future, you owe it to yourself — and your sanity — to pick this up.


To see Sqribble in motion, CLICK HERE.