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T.I Agrees with Kanye on the 13 Amendment? – Angry Kids 24-7 Radio

T.I gives his opinion on Kanye West aka Ye and the 13th Amendment. Does he agree with Kanye? This comes on the heels of Kanye speaking on TMZ. Don\’t forget that T.I did the debate style song \”Ye vs The People\”, in which he played the part of the People debating with Ye. T.I has been on many platforms discussing his thoughts on Kanye and feels that Ye has a message but it\’s not coming out correctly. Maybe T.I.P could act as his PR guy from here on out, he seems to get Ye\’s point across better than Ye.

Be on the lookout for The Dime Trap.

Check out the Video below to hear what T.I had to say about Kanye and the 13th Amendment.

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