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Young Malakai Is Drippin With Swag – Angry Kids 24-7 Radio

 Since the age of 14, Young Malakai has been creating music. Being introduced to Reginald Cherry of 901 Entertainment, opened the door for Young Malakai in more ways than one. 

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  While working for 901 Entertainment, she was able to write for various artists and did features for Legendary Music Producer, DJ Kirk. She took a break from music after leaving 901 Entertainment. Which didn\’t last long. During the spring of 2011, Young Malakai reconnected with Memphis based producer The1andonlyKrunk, to record new tracks but decided not to release the work. Fans are still asking for that project.

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    After the death of her brother in 2013, Young Malakai decided to dedicate her time to what she loves the most, her music. Stepping back into the studio, Young Malakai recorded her first major single, which was very successful on YouTube called \”I Ain\’t Playin With You\”. Speaking to friends in the industry and having a conversation with DJ Zirk, Young Malakai did some soul searching and wrote the song \”Change\”. She was then flooded with tracks from various producers around the globe, itching to work with her. This led to her releasing her most successful music to date, \”New Drip\”, \”Make It\” and \”Play Fair\”. Each song shows how far Young Malakai has come lyrically and her ability to pick tracks that fit her voice and sound.

    Gone are the days when Producers would dictate what her sound should be like. She\’s taken complete control of her career. She\’s doing the type of music that\’s in heart and releasing it at her own pace. With live shows and videos on deck, Young Malakai is ready to shake up Memphis hip hop for years to come. Her new album \”Live From The Truck Stop\” is expected to be released in August of 2019, which will indeed be her biggest project to date. Fans have patiently waited for this album and she plans on giving them a classic. Young Malakai is ready to take on the World now and with her skills, we expect her to win.

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